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Tuesday 9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday 10 AM to 4 PM
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About My Spa

My Spa takes the art of massage to the next level. Under the experienced hands of Jennifer Cathcart and Karen Otero, clients undergo a true transformation as they let go of stress, pain and tension on their way to optimum health.

Whether you seek massage as a method to relieve pain, or simply want to alleviate the stress brought on by life’s challenges, My Spa is the place for you. We customize each massage to the individual, taking the time t talk to and LISTEN to our clients so we can truly understand their specific needs. Indeed, unlike the chain massage businesses, spas and resorts, we have the opportunity to really get to know our clients thus elevating the massage experience.

At My Spa, you will find a high level of professionalism, extraordinary technique, and extensive experience - all delivered in an environment designed to make you feel relaxed and a world away from the Santa Clarita Valley.

We provide massage therapeutic services to a full range of individuals who live and/or work in the Santa Clarita Valley including:

- Professionals whose work requires extensive physical activity.
- Professionals who must sit in their office for hours on end.
- Pregnant and post-partum women.
- Seniors.
- “Weekend Warrior” athletes.
- Homemakers.

Without a Doubt, everyone can benefit from a massage at My Spa.

What You Can Expect Your First Visit

At the beginning of your first visit, you will fill out a health form designed to pinpoint your health and or stress issues. We will ask about health history, including any accidents or illnesses, and any special concerns.

Once we get a sense of your health needs, we will ask you about your massage preferences in terms of touch, techniques and muscles that may need special attention. For example, runners often need to focus on their legs while writers experience tenseness in their muscles and arms. Teachers, law enforcement personnel, real estate agents, servers and chefs have multiple muscle issues based on their high level of physical activity associated with their Profession. We understand your physical demands and tailor treatment to address these unique issues.

Once we determine your health needs, we will perform our massage. We encourage you to tell us during the massage if you would like us to change the pressure or if a certain muscle needs extra attention. Our goal is to make the massage experience the best it can be.

We also encourage you to simply relax and enjoy the time that you spend at My Spa.

With regular massage, you will experience a real life transformation. Living stress-free and pain-free allows you to truly enjoy all the good things life has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you

Meet Karen Otero

With close to two decades of experience, Karen Otero has elevated the art of massage therapy. The moment you feel Karen's feeling, caring hands get to work, you will know the therapeutic magic Karen brings to the profession, Client after client - and her clientele is extensive - comment on her exquisite skills that often surpass those found in the best spas and resorts in the country.

Karen possesses a high level of professionalism, an extraordinary caring nature and a therapeutic massage technique. She has had special training in Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Techniques, and Hot Stone Massage. Throughout the past several years she has gained an excellent reputation for working with her clients and creating a comfortable, relaxing and calming environment. Her loyal client base is a testament to her extraordinary skill.