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A new moon occurs this Saturday, September 16, and in astronomy, this is a time when the sun and moon are perfectly aligned. Many astrologists believe that the moon is the ruler of our emotions, and a new moon is a time for transformations, new beginnings — maybe even a new hairdo! Read on for a special astrological list designed to help you figure out which styles are best for your clients based on their zodiac signs. If they can’t decide on a cut, why not let the stars pick for them?  Read More

It’s no secret that the demands of a career in the beauty industry can take a toll on your body. Yoga has exploded in popularity with beauty professionals over the past few years, and for good reason. It not only helps keep your breathing and anxiety level in check, but it teaches you how to counteract the physical stresses that are placed on your body too. Here are a few tips, rooted in yoga, to de-stress, relax overworked muscles and reset your posture.  Read More

You’ve been hustling since mid-November to make sure your clients look and feel fabulous from Thanksgiving into 2017. During the holiday craze, though, it’s easy for beauty professionals to neglect their own needs. Taking care of yourself is crucial! It’s no surprise that with increased momentum at the salon, overflow-only parking at the mall, second cousins and long lost friends coming to town, and the need to prepare a feast for the whole family, stress levels increase during the holidays — and women are particularly susceptible to the pressure. It’s time to unwind, and we’ve rounded up a few fail-proof tips for finding your holiday Zen.  Read More

With a New Year comes a fresh start, along with an exciting opportunity to change your life for the better by creating positive, attainable resolutions. Are you ready to take your salon studio to new levels in 2016? Or maybe your business is exactly where you want it to be, and your goals for the New Year are to focus on your family and personal growth. Either way, sometimes the New Year sneaks up on us and our resolutions quickly fall to the wayside. That's why we've gathered 100 resolutions from current and future Sola professionals to inspire one another to start 2016 right! Set your goals high, and ask yourself: Is what you're doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Cheers to a fabulous and very happy New Year!  Read More

Salon studios host a wide variety of activities that release chemicals, pollutants and toxins into the air, from aerosol sprays to cleaning solutions, beauty products and more. A charming way to freshen the air and lively up your studio is to snag 1 or 2 of the following powerfully purifying plants.

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The popularity of spa water has skyrocketed recently, and for good reason. While a bottle of water is nice, a cool glass of water infused with fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs demonstrates that as a boutique salon owner, you’ve taken that extra step to create a relaxing, comfortable environment for your guests. Concocting your own signature spa water is a great way to expand the amenities your studio salon offers. Here are 5 recipes to help you mix up your very own spa water.

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When you’re putting in long hours at the salon, it’s always a great idea to have some snacks on hand. Sometimes, the same old options like carrot sticks, popcorn or pretzels can get a bit boring and repetitive. Instead, try these healthy and creative snack ideas to spice up your work day. Some may take just a few minutes of extra prep time but you’ll have delicious and exciting batches of snacks on hand for the week!

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Even when you absolutely love your job, certain workdays can be long and tiring. Being an independent salon owner, your hours likely vary from day to day. Depending on the needs of your clients, a particular day in the salon might start quite early in the morning or end much later at night. It’s important to take care of yourself in order to stay strong in mind, body and spirit – all of which affect your salon business. We all need a bit of help sometimes to keep up our stamina, particularly for those of you on your feet all day. You need all the energy you can get to provide the best services possible to your guests. Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy and energized in the salon!

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The foods you eat at work impact the way you eat at home and this is never truer than for salon professionals. As you know, working in a salon means that scheduled breaks are a luxury that you likely don’t get to enjoy and finding the time to eat can be difficult to say the least. Unfortunately, this busy pace can be super-stressful and when you combine stress and a busy schedule, it’s a recipe for disaster in terms of your diet and your overall health.

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