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With a new year upon us, there's no better time than now to set exciting, new intentions for your Sola business. And there's no better place to get inspiration than from our ambitious, thriving community of like-minded salon owners. As you write out your goals or create your dream board, remember that Sola is here to support you every step of the way. From SolaGenius to Sola Pro to the Sola Sessions, our number one goal is to provide you with the education, technology and resources you need to find SUCCESS. Cheers to you, #SolaBoss. Let's make 2018 YOUR YEAR. 

"I will be starting the year in a new studio and location! I’m also going to be doing some rebranding, and looking into integrating SolaGenious for online booking. I have also reached max capacity in my scheduling so I’m going to be entering a new territory and hope to connect with other stylists who are at this point to discover areas I can continue to grow even if I am not taking new clients. It is in 2018 that I hope to emerge with wings with brand new colors. Colors of gratitude, authenticity, joy, peace, patience, and faithfulness." – Amanda Fagan 

“For me my biggest one is to continue to build my name and brand, Enlightened Beauty, in Sacramento by creating memorable experiences for all my clients. By not only changing their skin but making their day brighter each time I see my clients. I’m also ready to start looking into creating my own product or line. I’m not sure what it will look like yet, but I’m ready to start dabbling!” – Morgan Cameron

“For me, 2018 is all about balance; finding the right mix of business time and family time. My goals for the business are huge, so I realize that being able to balance both acts will be challenging, but I've never been one to shy away from a challenge. I aim to extend my connections in the Pacific Triangle. I currently have exclusive contracts signed with the island of Huahine, Tahiti for Tamanu oil and Kauai, Hawaii for Kukui nut oil. I have my eyes on New Zealand next. These pure oils will be used to enhanced my already nutrient-rich products. But I'm most proud of being able to create jobs for these indigenous people through these individual ventures.” – Brandie Kekoa

“For 2018, I want to continue expanding my brand. It’s important to me to stay focus and challenge myself to grow and change continuously.” – Julie Nguyen

“2018 will be my 14th year at Sola! I hope to continue to help motivate and coach our Sola Salon Owners! I am currently working on a rebranding project with @jenniethewolff and I am working towards more opportunities to spread the Sola Salons Culture! Happy New Year everyone!” – Kim Bennett Horvath

“After going from a whirl wind year, being one of the Faces of Sola, to receiving Chattanooga Tennessee’s “Best of the Best Salon” 2nd year in a row - I have a lot to live up to in the year 2018! On top of all that, I got married in 2017 so one of my goals is to simply be a better wife. Just as we listen to our clients and are there for them when they need us, I need to be that times a thousand for the hubs! Creating healthy habits is important to me for this new year. I have been starting small with 3 exercise days a week. If my body is strong, my days at the salon can be that much better! Cutting portions in half and drinking more water/tea will really help the process along. My goals in the salon business world is to attend at least two classes in two different states because I like to stay on top of the trends!" – Lauren Taylor Bohr

“I’m super excited for 2018! I’ve been in a standard room for 4 years as the sole Esthetician in my Sola, and this year I have plans to move into a larger room. Looking forward to growing my business, clientele, service menu, and more in the New Year! I love the independence that Sola provides me, and I can’t wait to create my new “Spa Sanctuary” there!” – Samantha Potti-Bradford

“Already started: An entire year of using SolaGenius = making tax time easier, yah!” – Laura McCoig Spiers

“To always continue learning new techniques and education, continue building and satisfying clients, and help make Sola Monroeville a dynasty!” – Nina Bacco

“We just opened at the end of November. Our new year goals are to get well organized and come up with a marketing plan and schedule for 2018.” – Lacy Messinger

“Grow my clientele so that I can upgrade to a bigger studio! I would love to hire an assistant that I can help grow into an amazing stylist!” – Michelle Sava

“To continue to grow as a person, and grow my business. Be a #boss! Thanks Sola!” – Danielle Oliveira

“Learning to put myself first and taking care of myself.” – Marion Lyczak

“Think I'm going to try to take over the world! However I'll just start with controlling my own destiny and work environment with Sola!” – Roxanne Muir

“I’m turning 30! I want it all! I’d like to move into a 2-chair studio and start an education program!” – Amerly Colina

“I want to upgrade into a large single studio and pamper my clients.” – Tony Mohlman

“Abundance! Education! And continue to grow as an Esthetician.” – Tricia Alvarez

“My goal for 2018 is to have so many clients, I have to close my appointment books to new customers. After closing my appointment books, I’d have a waiting list. This would give me more financial securities and freedom.” – Anna Walker

“To move into my small double studio as the only hairdresser and start doubling the amount of clients I do a week!” – Abby Rose

“Business goal = work less, make more. I want to work 4 days a week. Booked solid with zero breaks. That way I can have 3 days off for mini vacations. Personal goal = Have the strength to become vegan.” – Vilma Vazquez

“I hope that in 2018 I will be able to build my apprentice’s confidence and skills and get her building her clientele! @keiatstylealchemystudio. I also hope to hire another apprentice to mentor and to continue to forever seek continuing education! If you love what you do and take care of your clients, prosperity will follow!” – Kaitlyn Fedora

“I'm a brand new studio owner and my goals for next year are to become super successful. To increase my clientele and have fun while I'm doing it! Also to create a beautiful, relaxing, enjoyable space for myself and my guests while I'm making then look fabulous!” – Lorie Lemaster

“2018 is going to be the best year of my life. I plan on launching “The Jay Spot” hair care collection along with bringing in new clients. I plan on shooting a commercial thereby boosting the sola suits and hopefully moving into a bigger studio.” – Jay Weston

“I want to work on growing my clientele and being more consistent with retail sales to increase my overall profits. I also want to become more organized with my bookkeeping. I am hoping SolaGenius will help me with that.” – Tiffany Scarborough

“Build up my clientele, attend some amazing classes, and stay inspired!” – Kathleen Rose

“Friendship, laughter, work fewer days and make the Eugene Sola an awesome and peaceful place for all who enter!” – Kelly Candercar Burkeen

“Help to make #SolaSyracuse the most happening place in 2018!” – Barbara Dubois

“In 2018, I would love to make my own product line! I am so passionate about my studio, my ambiance & my clientele. Making and selling my own brand would complete my space. I have been so fortunate that Sola came to Attleboro, MA this summer and I was able to start my lifelong dream this summer thanks to you, Sola.” – Trisha Trowbridge

“To open my studio, build a profitable book and achieve balance.” – Pavla Brewer

“My goal for 2018 is to help more women going through hair loss due to chemotherapy. My wigs are very healing to all my clients. I have been in business for only 12 weeks and I have helped many women with hair loss to hair recovery. ” – Barbara Vivolo

“My goal in 2018, is to build my brand! I live in a very small town with so many hairstylists! Our new Sola building has definitely brought some attention to my new studio! Can’t wait to let people know what I’m all about and everything I have to offer!” – Autumn Austin

“My goal for 2018 is to help more women coming out of abusive and human trafficking by continuing to offer them my complimentary services to help empower them through the process of feeling ‘good enough’ to get back out there and tackle those job interviews and social stigmas and help give them that confidence of ‘I can do this!’ As I know they can!” – Tere Wermenhoven Pullman

“My goal for 2018 is to expand, remodel, and reorganize my business. I've been at Sola Salons in West Covina going on 3 years since day one of the grand opening and every year I seek something new to offer my great clientele to keep them happy. They deserve nothing but the best comfort and treatment, they make My Sola and they keep me moving forward.” –Vivian J Escobar

“Nurture my friendships. Less stress. Do more things with friends. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep getting healthy.” –Donna Arnold

“To be busier and build a stronger clientele.” – Ashley Brockmann

“Get back to school and have a more positive attitude.” – Heather Pifer-Duncan

“Peace. And cutting out any and all negativity.” – Dawn Chas

“An even stronger business at Sola.” – Christina Imreibe Araj

“To learn something new.” – Lindsey Bates Torrence

“I plan to achieve everything that I said I would in 2017 and didn’t. Pay bills on time. Save money, and clean up my credit. I want to live a healthier, wealthier life!” – Phillis Flemmings

“Learning to put myself first and taking care of myself.” – Marion Lyczak

“Get away from negativity and people that drain me.” – Christine Kampfl Coban

“I want to build my new business and achieve financial freedom!” – Lorie Lemaster

“Helping kids and the homeless. Just helping people stay off the streets. I’m going to start my own business doing this in 2018.” – Sophia Griffin

“Just to be able to wake up in my right mind and care for myself.” – Connie Jackson

“Continue working and growing my Lavish Hair Studio empire!” – Samena Ami

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