Leadership Team

Myrle McNeal

Chief Operating Officer


Myrle McNeal's extensive work history—combining both real estate and communications—gives him a unique perspective and skill set for managing both Sola's overall corporate goals and its day-to-day operations.

In addition to helping facilitate Sola's forward progress on the corporate level, Myrle is also a Sola Salon Studios franchisee and owns five Sola locations of his own in Oregon and Louisiana. On the corporate level, he operates an additional 13 company-owned Sola locations in the Denver metro area.

Myrle has previously held senior leadership positions with AT&T, Sprint and Level 3 Communications. While serving as the vice president and general manager for Level 3, he ventured out into real estate by managing the company's 75 locations, totaling an incredible 3 million square feet of space across the United States and Europe. Prior to joining Sola Salon Studios in his current position, Myrle honed his skills as a senior vice president of operations for Datavail Corporation in Boulder, Colorado.

As the leader of Sola's corporate Sola locations, Myrle and his team develop and pilot new strategies and programs in construction, marketing, design and operations to be used by the Sola franchisee community. Myrle's dedication to supporting his franchisee peers and ever-growing salon professional communities makes him an essential member of the Sola leadership team.

United States

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