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A native of Phoenix with nearly twenty years in the spa industry, Teresa is a massage therapist and esthetician. Her passion is sharing her experience and knowledge with others.


I've had several Signature Facials with Teresa and I'm always amazed at the breadth of knowledge and expertise she has about skincare and the role diet and exercise plays in maintaining smooth skin. When you make an appointment with Teresa, you're not not only getting a deep cleansing, relaxing facial using the highest of quality products, you're learning about the basics of skin care and how to maintain your facial between visits


I am a firm believer in the benefits of massage therapy and the overall healing it provides to mind body and soul.  Teresa Trejo is one of the best therapists I have every had and I have had massages for the past 35 years.  Teresa has a way of listening to the body with her hands and lovingly, but firmly, meeting its needs.  My favorite part of Teresa’s bag of tricks is cupping as it truly gets the blood circulating and allows the body to heal quickly.  If you are looking for someone who cares about your overall well being than I, without hesitation, recommend Teresa Trejo.


At Trejo Salon and Spa I always feel at home, from the time I walk in until the time I leave. I have been going to Teresa for over 10 years to get my massages. I have gone to a few other places due to moving but I always find my way back to Teresa. She is the best I have had work on my tired sore muscles. I have found Teresa prices reasonable as well. The only bad thing I can say about Teresa is that I can't take her with me everywhere I go.


Teresa is an amazing massage therapist. Her natural techniques and sincere concern of helping people is her unique, natural aura stepping forward in her career. Teresa has helped myself and my two daughters. For me, I have fibromyalgia, going on 26 years. Upon several occasions within this time span, I've experienced severe pain that often leads to anxiety, depression and overall a roller coaster of emotions.  Teresa started Cupping treatment and from that 1st session, she helped me to release negative toxins from my body.  Teresa has given me sessions of massage.  For my daughters, when they were teenagers and experiencing challenges with acne, menstrual pain, body aches (consequently leading to depression), Teresa was there to help them restore confidence, courage and a beginning lesson of how to care for their bodies naturally.  Teresa opened the doors of natural healing to my daughters and re-kindled my awareness to restoring my belief  of natural healing. I encourage you to experience Teresa's amazing sessions that suit your needs. You won't regret it. -Socorro


Teresa gives one of the best massages I have ever received. I am a massage therapist of nearly 19 years and have had many massages and I definitely choose Teresa. Her facials are amazing as well.


Teresa Trejo work is amazing! Cares about her client and always there when I need her expertise. I highly recommend her.


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