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My name is Adriana and I am the owner of Primavera Hair Studio, I have been a hairstylist for 8 years . I started as an assistant at a prominent salon in North Berkeley, from there I moved to a salon in Marin County witch specialized in using clean hair color and accommodated patrons with health issues who still wanted hair services done. I brought that knowledge with me when I moved salons back to the East Bay. I have also attended the Board of Certified Hair Colorist Energizing Summit 2018, and Hotheads Extensions Certified. With this background what I am bringing to Primavera Hair Studio is to provide patrons with a relaxing environment and provide customized hair services.


I give her full control and liberty to do whatever with my hair because she truly knows what's best for me based on my lifestyle, face/head shape and hair type. She really takes her time with all the work she does. I end up spending hours with her because she is always so meticulous and careful with her work.

Melissa M.

I was nervous to go in because the last person who touched my hair destroyed it! She was so patient with me and didn't let me leave until we were both satisfied with her work.

Johanna P.

I use to fly down to LA for haircuts because I couldn't find anyone in the Bay that knew how to handle my very thin, curly-ish hair until I met Adriana. She knows how to make the curls bounce and makes it look effortlessly.

Yizel V.

Adriana gave life back into my hair after being damaged by so many other hairstylist. Finally feel like I found someone who I can trust with my locks.

Brenda P.

United States

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