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Aesthetic Ink is passionate to provide every client the means to permanently enhance their natural beauty using the safest, most artistic application of permanent make-up. November is passionate about her art and pays close attention to the smallest of details Permanent Make Up & Advance Training State Licensed / Diploma Facial Skincare Specialist Licensed by the Pinellas County Health Dept Services Include: Permanent Make-Up Tattoo Removal Permanent Make-Up Removal and Corrections Skin Rejuvenation with Collagen Induction Therapy Intensive Clinical Wrinkle Rejuvenation Areola Color Restoration 3D Areola Tattoo Scar and Burn Relaxation Stretch Mark Needle Therapy Skin Color Corrections and Camouflage


As a medical student, I don't have time for much of anything these days. I have a very fair complexion so my eyebrows, lips and lashes despite the fact that they're there, tend to camouflage into my skin 😁. Initially tattoo makeup, to me, was 'funny haha' at a dinner party but then someone told me about Aesthetic Ink and how talented November Pozzi is. Excited yet still skeptical of the ink itself I called Aesthetic ink and made an appointment for a consult. Not only did Ms. Pozzi make me feel right at home but she also answered all of my tricky questions with details, before & after pics and an actual makeup skin tone match consult! Today I am now the proud wearer of permanent brows, lips and eye liner and I couldn't be happier with the results. It is a real confidence booster for all Women no matter her age. Let me forewarn you though, that during my research on tattoo makeup, I found a lot of artists out there that claim to have the skills and expertise but don't deliver. Not only is this your face but it's going on permanently. Please don't short change yourself. Go with a qualified expert in makeup contouring, matching and application who have before & after pictures of their work. Aesthetic Ink was that place for me. I couldn't be happier with my results and the colors chosen for me were perfect. Thank you Aesthetic Ink for treating me like an individual and adding a little more confidence to my step.

Netsriek Rei

November is awesome! For anyone looking to get permanent makeup or permanent makeup correction, November is the best! She takes her time and makes sure that every thing she does is precise. She prides herself in her work and really tries to do what's best for your look. I will never go anywhere else again!

Joanna Bardwil

The best thing I ever did for my appearance was having November Pozzi do permanent makeup for me. I had permanent eyebrows professionally done and I am so pleased with the result. November made them the exact shade, shape and size. They are so natural in appearance I continuously receive compliments on how good I look but no one knows exactly what i did just say I look wonderful. They are a instant brow lift. November has a gentle touch and carefully measures for the best look. Love her and she has a special talent.

Madeleine Page

When I went to visit Florida I was afraid I could not find the kind of quality permanent artist that I could find here in Las Vegas. I was not disappointed. This was the best experience i've had and I couldn't be happier with the quality of work November did on me. She did an amazing job on my permanent eyebrows! I feel so pretty. Thank you November.

Tracy Jaramillo

November is the person that really you can trust in her. I met her in the gym and I wanted to do my eyeliner permanent make up for years, but I was scared to do an any place. When I met her and we were talking about her profession, I saw she is a real professional and I decide to do with her the service. I am so happy, happy, I recommend her 100%. Thank you November, you are the best.

Tatiana Hauyon

Fantastic!! November is so professional!! Painstakingly meticulous in creating the perfect look. What a tremendous improvement, yet completely natural! I can't recommend her enough!


November is extremely artistic as well as medically knowledgeable. My procedure went flawless and I am extremely happy with the results of her work.... Highly recommended!!

Johnny Buscema

November is extremely talented. Her set up is perfect for her clients. Very comfortable and clean. She is professional and answered all and any questions I had about the process of doing my eyebrows. I would recommend her to EVERYONE. Not only is she knowledgeable and educated about what she does, but she is amazing at it! I am beyond impressed with her service and talent!

Jessica Miller

November is absolutely amazing! She is extremely talented and I would highly recommend her. She is professional, dependable, and genuinely cares about your results.

Tiffany Leonard

I absolutely love November, she is amazingly talented,gifted and she actually listens to her clients!. She goes out of her way to a make her clients feel good about themselves and that's why she is so on top of her education and constantly seeking the latest techniques and furthering her skills. She loves making us beautiful! She is super positive and does the best eyeliner and brows in the land, her areola work is also amazing. I highly recommend November. God bless you sweetheart you are the best!

Fey Vi

United States

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