Alix Maya Clymer

The Unicorn Tribe

About Alix Maya Clymer

"I have been a stylist since I could sneak scissors and paint to play salon with my dolls.."

Welcome to my salon, The Unicorn Tribe! I am a multicultural hair stylist with a deep passion for beautiful multidimensional color and the creation of personalized image for my clients. I am an artist at heart and I try to put my skill set as a painter into my work as a colorist. After becoming a licensed hair stylist, I took a Creative Color class taught by Kristan Frei and my life changed forever. Using a technique called Organic Mathematics  I am able to create seamless color banding. This technique allows me freedom from a formula, breathing room to create movement as never seen before by using my knowledge and understanding of color coupled with my unique individual artistic style.

I am also the founder of The Unicorn Tribe, a collective of like-minded artists ranging from colorists, cutters, barbers, graffiti artists, painters, dancers, spoken word artists who are coming together to usher in a new way of being in the ARTS.

With 15+ years of experience working in a salon, behind the chair and nationally as a stylist for magazines, television, internet and personal portfolio shoots for models and beauty pageant contestants, you can feel at ease in my chair while I turn your hair into living art. 

United States

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