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Hello I'm an anti-aging specialist skincare therapist . My specialty is Non - surgical Facelift and Non - surgical Lipo 

After graduating UCLA went to medical school and Have been medical nurse for 7 years. Mostly focusing medication and treatments. After noticing my aging both internally and externally I became interest in beauty and health. So I quit nursing studied under holistic doctors following them to seminars every week, I learned organic nutrition, detox, hormone issues, stress, anti- aging.  

As I worked on myself and as I took care of myself I noticed amazing differences with my skin and my weight. That's when I believed we can get younger and healthier or even slow down the aging process. I been working around LA Beverly Hills and Redondo beach and now I'm in beautiful city of San Diego.


Amber is very knowledgable and professional and result oriented. She make sure to explain every step of the procedure and recommends right products.


Amber has amazing soft touch and explains treatments bemificial and diagnosed my skin very properly, I can trust her with my skin and now it's more firmer and has more elasticity.


I had Non-surgical facelift, you really feel the meachine and it works I had about 4 sessions and I look about 5 years younger! So happy!


When I went to Amber I told her I do exercise and I have pretty good diet but there is just no way to loose this belly, but with her non surgical lipo I been loosing inches and inches and she taught me home detox and I love it! I been going to bathroom good and less headaches and my friends go there too.


United States

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