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Amy Sublett

Astylz Studio

About Amy Sublett
I have been in this industry for over 20 years. I firmly believe communication is the key to a successful and happy client/stylist relationship. I listen to the wants and needs of all my people and help everyone to understand their hair a bit better every time I see them. It’s a honor to be part of something that is always so uplifting. I love what I do and am grateful for my hair family.

I've been going toAmy for 4 years now? She's SO consistent and always gives me great haircut!!!

Susie C. , Lexington, KY

Amy Lynn Sublett is old friend and HAIR GENIUS!! She gets to know each client and learns what they want then what they actually need to complete satisfaction... i worked with Amy as her salon coordinator and have only recieved HAPPY GLOWING reviews about her talents and abilities.... AMY IS AMAZING

Paige P. , Corbin, KY

Amy has been cutting/styling my hair for 3-4 years now...she always does an amazing job! She always knows what I'm looking for even when I give her very vague ideas on what I want. She also cuts my kids' hair and does a great job, especially with the one that won't sit still. I highly recommend Amy!

Sarah R. , Lexington, KY

United States

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