Ashley Underwood & Shannon Evans

Hair Dyenamics, LLC.


Ashley is awesome! She creates a professional but warm and relaxing experience when you go in. She always knows what to do, gives the best advice and ideas, and does the best job on mine and my daughters hair. And if you want something that she honestly doesn't think is going to look right or will damage your locks, she'll let you know in a heartbeat. I refuse to go anywhere else. - Christina

Ashley is awesome!

Shannon is the most down to earth nicest hair stylist ive came across in a long time. She really take the time to get to know her customers and make sure they are satisfied, even if that takes coming in on her day off . Thanks for that by the way!!! Their new salon is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. So clean and beautiful!! Just the right size. -Lisa

Shannon is the most down to earth hair stylist

Shannon does an amazing job. I absolutely adore her and she goes out of her way to accommodate her clients. -Kristin

Shannon does an amazing job

Ashley is amazing!!! I LOVE her!!! She always knows exactly what I want and I have never been disappointed! Ashley has been my hairdresser going on 4 yrs now and has been doing my mother's hair for much longer than that! -Jamie

Ashley is amazing

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