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Brandon “Bespoke Brandon” Rogers is a licensed barber/stylist in the state of Texas, specializing in men’s grooming and the art of barbering. He has practiced the craft of barbering for 10 years, and has serviced everyone from actors, models, entertainers, and athletes. He has a unique attention to detail with a modern approach to the craft, by utilizing the classic techniques of barbering.

In 2015, Brandon opened a private barber suite inside of Sola salon studios to provide a personal tailored experience for his clients. The private suite allows Brandon to control the ambience for each client, ha also offers complimentary beverages and cocktails. Brandon’s consistency and precision cutting, has helped him strengthen his skills and build a clientele and following.

Brandon specializes in bald fades, razor shaves, burst fades, tapers, mohawks, faux-hawks, combovers, designs & parts, and more, he also has the ability to cut any hair type. Brandon continues to educate himself and improve on his skills by observing veteran master barbers, watching DVDs & youtube tutorials, reading books, and attending trade shows & classes. Brandon has a curated selection of grooming products coldlabel, bona fide pomade, xotics by Curtis Smith, Layrite pomade, and influance haircare.

United States

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