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The name of my salon is Aspasia, which is named after a woman in an ancient Greece whose home was the center of intellectual , aesthetic and creative thinking. I chose this because I admire strong creative women.

What is the best thing about being an esthetician? I think the best thing is making my clients feel good about themselves when they look great. My name is Brisel Valenzuela and I have been in the beauty business for 10 years, I come from a family of beauty professionals so it seems like I have been doing this all my life. I think my work really shines when I have a real collaboration with my clients to discover the goals they have for their skin. Fulfilling client expectations is the name of the game for me, whether on the first visit or the 10th, my goal is the same...excellence. I am a perfectionist so I always do my very best for my clients.

I truly love what I do! There is nothing better than to see the smiles on my clients face when their goals for skin treatment are met. I am a bit of a bicultural, bilingual person trained in Mexico and in America. However, the real science of skin care does not change and is the same everywhere. My treatments are based upon what my skin analysis determines is best for each individual client. I specialize in a unique facial treatment based upon classes from Europe, Mexico and America and is designed to accommodate deep cleansing and extraction pore by pore. I am expert in chemical peels (TCA), diamond peel microdermabrasion, BEM Therapy (radio frequency), microcurrent facial lifting, galvanic treatment and many others.

I have a little girl who is the center of my universe! I enjoy movies with my daughter, hiking in nature and historic novels. 

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Aspasia fue la mujer más importante de la antigua Grecia, tuvo gran poder y despertó la admiración de grandes filósofos y artistas. Mujeres fuertes, inteligentes y hermosas son la inspiración de Aspasia Skin Care.

La mejor parte de ser una Esteticista es tener la oportunidad de ayudar a los clientes a sentirse y verse mejor. Mi nombre es Brisel Valenzuela, he sido parte de la industria de la belleza por más de 10 años, vengo de una familia donde todos aportamos un grano de arena al mundo de la belleza. Mi objetivo principal es cumplir siempre con las expectativas de los clientes y lograr resultados desde la primera visita.

Es un privilegio trabajar en lo que amo y mi mayor recompensa es siempre la sonrisa se mis clientes cuando sus expectativas se cumplen. A lo largo de los años he adquirido entrenamiento en México, USA y Europa. El éxito de Aspasia radica en la ética profesional, primeramente realizar un análisis en la piel, determinar cuál es el tratamiento a seguir y cómo podemos lograr los mejores resultados. Mi especialidad es la limpieza facial profunda poro a poro, creo firmemente que una piel con impurezas y poro abierto no es el reflejo de una piel saludable y antes de realizar cualquier tratamiento estético la piel debe estar completamente limpia. Me especializo en tratamientos para el poro abierto, hiperpigmentacion, acné, secuela de acné, anti edad y lifting.

Mi mayor orgullo es ser mama de una pequeña de dos años que es el amor de mi vida, me encanta disfrutar de la naturaleza, caminatas al atardecer y leer libros de superación personal.

Los invito a llamarme para programar una cita, estoy a sus órdenes.


Since coming for a facial, my acne which I have had for 4 years, has finally started to go away! I have been on multiple skincare routines, but this has been the only thing that has helped. Brisel is always very friendly and welcoming, great to talk to!

Isabella D.

The best facial acne treatments, I truly recommend it! Thanks Brisel!

Elizabeth D.

Is amazing how my skin has change and I really enjoy every session is a very relaxing experience.

Silvia R.

United States

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