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About Brittany Dawson

Hello my name is Brittany Candice the owner of Admired Hair Salon also known as 3eauty 3y 3rittany. I started doing hair for family and friends after high school and after college i decided to make cosmetology my career. it has always been a passion of mine so it was an easy decision. i started cosmetology school in 2012 and passed my board in 2013. i worked in a salon then decided to work from home and now decided to open up my own chain of salons.

How i came up with the 3's before my name is because i have 3 boys and they are my reasons and its a reminder of why i continue to do what i do.

This is my passion! I've been in the industry for over 5 years now and I'm finally getting my feet wet! i am so excited for Admired hair salons. My goal is to be the best and provide quality service to my clients and future ones to come.

United States

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