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About Brittany Testerman

I strive to help every single client that walks through my door. Whether you need stress relief from everyday life, or you have aches, pains and discomforts, I am here to help. I have had the opportunity to work in many different massage environments, and I believe that has helped form me into the diverse therapist that I am today. Lavender Rain has been a dream of mine for many years and I am so thankful that I took the opportunity to make it happen for myself and for my clients.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Customized Massage: A customized body therapy to fit your specific needs. Light/Medium/Deep pressure. Relaxing/Therapeutic/Detoxifying/Rejuvenating. 30 min: $35  60 min: $65  90 min: $95  120 min: $125

Prenatal Massage: A full body massage that accommodates the health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers. *Not recommended for women in their first trimester. 60 min: $60 

Reflexology/Ultimate Foot Treatment: Massage of specific areas of the foot in order to promote healing and stress relief in other parts of the body. *Hand work can be accommodated in the 60 minute session, if requested. 30 min: $35  60 min: $65


I have been a client of Brittany's since 2011 and continue to be because of her ability, knowledge, and dedication to her art. She is always incorporating new techniques in her work and strives to heal and comfort her clients. If you want a real therapeutic massage with a seasoned professional you need not look further.

Jerry G

Just had a massage there today, and it was amazing. Very great techniques in a relaxing environment. I felt so good I could've slept on the table. I will definitely be returning.

Alex C

Brittany is an excellent therapist! She keeps a very soothing and comfortable atmosphere, she delivered a great deep tissue massage, senses where to lighten up for more sensitive areas, works with great passion and technique. Great customer service attitude- she accommodated me due to travel delays and found a way to make our schedules awesome!

Tim W

United States

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