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About Bryon McKay

Mister Bryon was born Bryon McKay in the sprawling metropolis of Lincoln Park Michigan in 1965.

After 20 years of general education and just as general meanderings he relocated to North Carolina in 1985.

Another 20 years of job wandering and daughter raising went by when a good friend suggested he try out being a hairstylist. So, in 2004 he gave Cosmetology school a try and discovered the career he had been searching for.

After a few years of working in chain salons Mister Bryon realized two things, that cutting men's hair was his forte and that there was something missing from these types of salons. True customer service. So, in 2010 Mister Bryon's of Cary was started with an eye towards true customer service. With such things as appointment based scheduling, no pressure product sales and haircuts your way, whether it's with scissors or clippers, the cut you want.

So, if you are looking for interesting conversation, (because although Mister Bryon doesn't know everything he does have an opinion on everything) and a great haircut, schedule your next hair appointment with Mister Bryon's of Cary.


United States

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