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Carlene does a wonderful job every time I get my hair styled. I have been going to her for years.


My husband and I have been going to Carlene since she graduated from beauty school. I even arranged my appts. around the time we go to Florida for the month. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Mary M.

Carlene has been doing my hair for over 25 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else! I have constantly received compliments on my hairstyle/color throughout the years. She really listens to what I want and I always end up leaving the salon happy and looking good.


I have been a client of Carlene’s for over 20 years. My husband gets his hair cut by her and so does my teenage daughter. She is patient, will take time to consult with you and what you want, and seems to know just how to make me feel pretty. I get asked all the time who does my hair, and I always give her name and number.

Anne B.

My entire family has been getting haircuts from Carlene forever! We look forward to talking with her and relaxing! Carlene doesn’t just “do hair”! Her intuition and style comes across with each service! Thank you Carlene for your years of service.

Theresa L.

Carlene and hair go hand in hand! She has done my hair since the beginning of her career! Along with both of my daughters. What is amazing is when you want a change and you're not afraid because that the person who is doing the cut will make it amazing. So many times over the years I have had strangers ask me for the number of the person who does my hair! When you have impossible hair and someone can teach you how to deal with it and make it look good every day – priceless! Not only does she give you the great feeling of looking good – she can make a bad day brighter with her great service. Thanks Carlene for all the years of looking and feeling good!!


Carlene has been cutting /styling my family’s hair for over a decade. I have fine, thin, stringy hair and Carlene actually makes it look great… a Herculean accomplishment! She goes out of her way to accommodate our schedules and has even compassionately pulled us out of jams related to serious illnesses. Thanks, Carlene!


If you are looking for a stylist that really listens and gives you their honest professional opinion and has the talent to create the style you are looking for, than Carlene is the one for you! She does an amazing job and if you don’t like something about your cut or color she’s always eager to go back and tweak it until it’s just right.

T. Mayrand

Carlene has been doing our hair for years and she always knows best! She does a wonderful job and she is always up to date with the newest styles. My daughters, who are natural blondes, love the dark color Carlene added to the back inside of their hair. So trendy right now! We love her!


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