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Thatfemale specializes in providing the highest quality classic look lash extension services using award winning products and cutting-edge techniques. She is constantly learning and educating herself, she is always on top of the best products and methods!


Established in 2016.

Catherine started off in 2009 and has been building a name for herself. It wasn't until 2016 that Catherine, the founder, had started pursuing her dream in the beauty field. That's when she decided to name her business Sen Lashes since for the past several years, she has built quite a following on social media behind that name. Even though her business is small and growing she radiates nothing but positive energy and excellent customer service.

Meet the Business Owner

Catherine is the owner of the business. What inspired her to start her own business was that she, herself saw her own eyelashes getting done by people that were certified but didn't continue getting educated in the field. She's experienced and seen a lot of eyelashes that have been damaged by the wrong technique and technician. With that being said she is uniquely qualified because she has background from her own experiences and continues to get educated to bring you top services. Since she is a small business owner she is very excited in meeting new clients and has many ideas for her business!



I had my first ever full set of eyelash extensions in October 2016, and Catherine's artistic expertise has made me a faithful follower ever since. She is a sweet and lovely professional, truly cares about her customer, and takes pride in her beauty work. The first day I returned to work after getting the lash extensions, several coworkers kept staring at my eyes and said that they looked so much larger and so beautiful, and yet they [coworkers] couldn't quite placed what was so different about my eyes. That went to show just how NATURAL looking the lash extensions turned out in Catherine's deft hands. More importantly, my real lashes continue to grow and stay healthy. I returned for a fill 2.5 weeks after the first visit. Since then, I have learned to take better care of my extensions (no face-down body massage and no more eye rubbing habit.) My latest wait between touch-ups is 4 weeks, and the lash line still looks amazing. I am so addicted to lash extensions now, knowing that I have found a trustworthy beautician in Catherine. She is definitely time and money well spent!


I've always wanted to get my lashes done and I'm glad I went to Catherine for my first set! Her website made booking an appointment effortless and was very informative, especially if you're new to lash extensions like me. When I went in to get my lashes done, she made me feel super comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I could've easily fallen asleep with the salon bed and oodles of blankets and pillows, but we got caught up in pleasant conversation instead. Afterwards, she gave me a cute little lash wand and a care card for maintaining my beautiful new lashes. I have only good things to say about Catherine; she made my experience so enjoyable and stress free. I could tell she knows her craft because my lashes never looked so good! She is a dime in a dozen and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Herrelin P.

Before discovering Beauty by Thatfemale, I was going to a studio that used solely Xtreme lashes and products for 3-4 months. To maintain Xtreme lashes is Xtremely expensive. The brand is highly rated in the industry, but the products did not bond to my natural lashes or give me the look I desired. I tried several different glues and lash types with no success. I do not wear a lot of make up, so I want extensions to add to my aesthetic without being over the top. I had seen Catherine's work online and was impressed by the quality of lashes she uses and her ability to build a natural yet very noticeable lash line. I have been going to her for months now, and I have been ecstatic over my lashes after each appointment. I typically book a fill every 2 weeks, and sometimes even sooner if I have an event (using Xtreme lashes). I went a touch more than 3 weeks before my last appointment with Catherine due to busy schedule, and I was actually in a little bit of disbelief at the adhesion and lashes that remained. My natural lashes are healthy and they are growing. My natural lash integrity is the most important consideration for me when seeking a lash artist, and Catherine shares the same view. The drive out to Germantown is absolutely worth it. Beauty by Thatfemale is building a brand, and I am happy to support everything it stands for.

MyTran L.

When you spend a lot of money on beauty, you want to make sure you're in the hands of someone who cares about quality and reputation and giving you exactly what you pay for. Catherine is that exact person you're looking for. I absolutely LOVED my lashes! I got a full set and it was so worth it. It was such a nice relaxed experience. She took her time and really payed attention to what I wanted and gave me a nice natural look. The lashes lasted long. (Of course you have to follow the directions she gives you for good lash care). I got them done before a trip and I didn't have to wear ANY eye makeup because the lashes made me look cute and dolled up in a classy simple way. Can't wait to get them done again!

Layla L.

Catherine is such a cute, talented, and welcoming artist!! I was so skeptical about getting extensions as I have very short lashes and was afraid of my lashes falling out if the technician didn't apply them correctly... after a friend recommended her, I decided to give it a shot and results were fabulous! I have short straight "Asian" lashes and after my appointment you couldn't even tell! My first set lasted about a month (I never got them wet). I've never had any issues or reactions. Def would recommend to anyone who wants to try lashes for the first, second, or third time!!

Priscilla B.

this was my first time getting eyelash extensions!! I was a bit hesitant to try extensions but I literally almost cried when I saw the end result. I'm in LOVE!! Catherine was super sweet and she made me feel very comfortable. It took about an hour and a half but the time went by quickly. Will definitely keep coming back!!

Jennifer P.

In my previous experiences with lash extensions, I never really got the results I wanted until I went to ThatFemale in the comfort of Catherine's home. Not only is the atmosphere comfortable and warming, but the quality and care she puts in her clients is invaluable. I highly recommend her lash expertise - you will not be disappointed! Who can say no to beautiful, long lashes with reasonable prices?

Arnette F.

Catherine is so amazing at what she does. I was very skeptical about getting lash extensions, but I'm so glad I did. She's the sweetest and most professional person, who just makes you feel so comfortable. She's always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. Also, her playlists are great and with the blanket I always fall asleep. I wake up to my lashes looking so natural and beautiful. "I woke up like this." I live almost an hour away, but it's worth the drive! My lashes last over 3 weeks before I need a refill and I love them. I really recommend her if you're looking for gorgeous lashes and a wonderful experience.

Sushanki C.

efore I found Catherine I was going to a salon for my extensions for several months that would use cluster style lashes. I would like the lashes at first but they were destroying my natural lashes and they lasted such a short time. I was complaining to a friend when she mentioned she went to Catherine's and loved the natural, full, healthy look. My first appointment with Catherine was full of repairing my lashes and are now they are on the road to recovery. I have loved the natural, perfectly full, and subtle look! I get compliments daily on them and love to let people in on my secret.

Devan P.

I feel so spoiled when I get my lashes done by Catherine. Not only is she professional, but she is very knowledgeable about lash extensions. She assesses the strength of your lashes and shape of your eyes to determine what type/length of lashes look best on her clients. This shows me she understands that one size doesn't fit all. I love how confident I feel when I get my lashes done by her. Highly recommended.

Nhi B.

United States

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