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Wildflower Gypsy

About Chelsea Stephens Kester

After 10 years in the beauty industry, I have found a deep seeded passion in natural, holistic hair care, services and organic products. I live a free-spirited, eco-minded life and reach for natural remedies and goods to help balance my mind, body and family. I believe in bringing this lifestyle to the salon to care for guests in a gentle, soothing and empowering way.

Before rooting the idea of a holistic salon into the ground, I took my endless search for truly natural and healing products into my own hands. I've spent the past two+ years digging deep and absorbing every bit of aromatherapy and herbalism as I can, which lead me to create a line of Botanical Haircare + Apothecary Goods, aptly named Wildflower Gypsy. Pure organic oils + butters, floral waters and earthy, hair + skin friendly botanicals have given me the ability to create gentle dry shampoos, hydrating + smoothing hair oils, as well as wellness products for everyday living. Shampoos + Conditioners are coming soon!

Come say Hi and experience Wildflower Gypsy while we nurture your radiating, feminine soul :)

United States

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