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About Cherlyn Fields

On a daily basis I enjoy zig zagging through other realms of existence. I have learned to bridge the two worlds in order to create a greater more adventurous living experience. In my fascinating book “Place33”, I reveal 33 secrets of universal truths that have been hidden from the human experience for millennium. Sound healing is one of them.

Learn how to detect the...

"FRAGRANCE of a Frequency”

We invite you to breathe, rejuvenate, recharge and experience deep relaxation with a guided sound meditation journey led by Cherlyn. And an ambient soundscape ensemble invoking harmonic sacred sounds, and experiential multi-sensory states of awareness.

Tuning Fork Treatments

Precisely calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific points — chakras, acupuncture and acupressure points on the body — to balance the meridian and chakra energy systems. Applying vibration to specific areas is useful in freeing blocked energy and opening meridian channels in the body so that a natural state of balance can be restored. This treatment stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy fields in order to promote healing and inner harmony.


Improved my symptoms of Depression. Every time I go I feel more and more balanced.


Cherlyn was fantastic explaining how the chakras need to cleared and cleansed during our free reading. She showed me how to do a chakra selfie. This way I can nurture my needs at home. I’ll be back for sure. She is fantastic!!


Cherlyn is amazing! She has opened me up to my new life. Before I met her I was shy and afraid to speak my truth. Now I can tell people how I feel. It is so freeing!!


This was an amazing experience, very helpful and informative. Cherlyn took her time and educated me along the way.


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