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Christine Acosta

Christine's Mini Makeovers

About Christine Acosta
CHRISTINE LUZ ACOSTA Owner of Christine's Mini Makeovers. During the pandemic, she decided to open her own space where her guests can feel more comfortable in a one in one sitting. She is a firm believer that a great hair day can lead to an even better day. Although short in stature, she stands tall behind the salon chair. With ten years in this industry, she is known for her remarkable color theory. She holds an array of weapons in her arsenal: such as profound knowledge in color corrections, working with textured hair, certified in Brazilian Blowout, mens grooming, holds a knack for glamour make-up, as well as special effects make-up that can have you looking quite gory. When she is not in her second home, the salon, she is relaxing with her son and her husband playing Dungeons & Dragons, working on a cosplay, or watching a good show.
United States

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