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Deanna Rinella Flores of LashLove; licensed in aesthetics, permanent makeup and ten years of experience in eyelash extension artistry. Certified trainer for LavishLash brand eyelash and eyebrow extensions.

Specializing in individual eyelash extension and microblading to create effortless beauty.

~The health and natural look and feel of the lashes and brows is as essential as how glamorous they make you feel.

*Now offering Sugarlash LashLift! An amazing service to enhance the natural lashes without extensions.

LavishLash eyelash extensions

Full Set $250

 • A full set of lashes is a extension placed on each of your natural lashes.

Party Lashes $150

• Party lashes or a half set of lashes are extensions focused on the outer corner of the lash line, perfect for a more natural look or a special occasion for one time wear.

Lash extensions typically need to be retouched every 2-4weeks to be kept looking their best.

2weeks    •$65

3weeks    •$85

4-6weeks •$105

7+ weeks  •$150

Party fill    •$75

Eyebrow Extensions $30

•Similar to lash extensions, tiny hairs are placed through out the brows to accentuate and fill creating a flawless look.

Eyebrow shaping (wax/tweeze) $15-$20

Eyelash / Eyebrow tint $20

Microblading  $300 and up

• Fine needles and pigment are used to accentuate and fill in the natural brow shape to create a flawless look. Retouch is typically required every 12-24months.

Retouch $150 and up

Sugarlash LashLift $75

Lift&tint $95

• Curl and lifting of the natural lashes. Tint may also be added to darken lashes and create a more dramatic look.

Lasts up to 8weeks!

* excellent service for girls who are looking for dramatic lashes without extensions or clients who are unable to wear extensions due to sensitivity.


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