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I graduated from The Graham Webb Academy in 2001. I took the knowledge of british hair cutting and design and then worked on honing my colorist skills. I became an American Board Certified Hair Colorist in 2005. The strength of my skills comes from the numerous continuing education classes and seminars. The combination of passion, continuing education and excellent customer service is what keeps my clients coming back year after year.


"I definitely recommend Fred- I was a color virgin before I started seeing him, now every time I leave I have a new style. He's so creative but also listens. I'm very particular about my hair, but he's great!"

Alicia M. , Alexandria, VA

"I have been going to Fred for years, and people always stop me to comment on how much they love my color. It's ALL Fred - he's the BEST at what he does, and he's just a great guy!"

Carol R. , Alexandria, VA

"I'm a 65 year old grandfather working at the USPTO, and I need a conservative, professional haircut. I found Fred by accident, but I'm very glad that I did. My hair can be difficult to cut because it will curl uncontrollably if not done correctly. He did a superb job, and I'm happy to recomemnd him."

Don E. , Alexandria, VA

After jumping around from DC salon to salon for six years, I found Fred based on a friend's recommendation. I have now been with him at two different locations and pray he never leaves the city! Great color; great cuts; great guy!"

Hayley S. , Alexandria, VA

"Fred has taken care of my hair for 10 years - which have been the only time in my life that I haven't had to worry about my hair, and frankly the only time it's ever looked good. It doesn't matter where Fred goes, I'll follow him. My sister traveled from New Mexico so Fred could get her hair in order. A friend travels regularly from Nashville so Fred can maintain her color. Yes, he IS that good!"

Lynn O. , Alexandria, VA

"Fred's the best! I've never received more compliments on my hair until Fred started cutting it. I would highly recommend Fred to anyone looking for a stylist!"

Lori K. , Alexandria, VA

"I am EXTREMELY picky about my hair and I have been going to Fred for over 12 yrs! He is AMAZING!"

Jen P. , Alexandria, VA

"Fred is amazing, talented and a highly gifted colorist. My color has never looked better. "

Jane T. , Alexandria, VA

"I think Frederic listens to me and always does a terrific job on my cut and color !! He's the best colorist I've ever been to."

Rebecca M. , Alexandria, VA

"I love Fred Picard! I have been looking for a stylist that could cut my hair and once I fount Fred - I don't have to look any further. He is the best! I have never had anyone take their time and make sure that my hair is cut to perfection, that is until I found Fred. I highly recommend that you book your next appointment with Fred Picard!"

Jennifer M. , Alexandria, VA

United States

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