Dina Metrano

Studio 13

About Dina Metrano

Dina Metrano is a seasoned and accomplished hair stylist. With over 20 years experience as a professional in the industry she continues to reinvent herself both as a stylist and as a person. Along with her passion for hair and fashion, Dina also has a professional fitness background; appearing in Shape magazine, owning her own clothing line, and being an ACSM certified personal trainer, fitness instructor-including- spin, yoga and pilates; She has fully grasped the concept for "inner" love along with ones "outer" appearance. Studio 13 offers just that, a cutting-edge salon with comfort and elegance to help you relax, unwind and leave feeling refreshed and empowered. "'Feeling-good' comes from within, our hair and fashion just 'top-off' our own-'awesomeness'; looking good starts at our soul & shines through". With the help of her supportive family; her husband Glen and 4 boys, Anthony, Nicolas, Christopher and Joseph, Dina will continue to grow and bring you her best, always.

United States

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