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An award-winning licensed esthetician, I have specialized in targeted, organic treatments and natural hair removal for over a decade. However, my passion began in my early 20’s with an intense struggle with aggressive cystic acne and severe adrenal fatigue that not only taxed my immune system but also wreaked havoc on my hormone balance. It was devastating, painful, embarrassing, stressful…super fun for a college student!


Doctor after doctor recommended antibiotics, endocrine drugs, Accutane…all of which potentially treated symptoms but gave me no answers as to the cause and no healing. Thanks to regular skin treatments, nutritional changes to my diet, and years of trial and error, my skin and body slowly began to recover and my desire to share what I had learned became my focus. In 2005 I obtained a certification in Esthetics from the Aveda Institute of Chicago and went on to be named “Best Esthetician in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine in 2009 and nationally publicized as the “Best Facial Treatment in Chicago” by Allure Magazine in 2010.


Searching for greater ways to use my training, I worked with companies known for integrity of product selection and the commitment to support of local vendors, farmers and bettering the planet, allowing me to become an expert in 80+ body care lines, 150+ herbal, nutritional and supplement brands and expanded my knowledge of ingredients and holistic nutrition. It also exposed me to a myriad of ways that I can lessen our environmental footprint and lead a more conscious lifestyle.


In 2011, I became VP of Product Development and Brand Esthetician for ACURE, traveling the country, increasing brand awareness, while discussing the impact of toxic chemicals on the skin, body and planet. This led to my direct role in concept creation of new products for the brand with a focus on sourcing cutting-edge natural technology and responsible manufacturing practices.  I helped design products that truly performed without harming the body or the planet. Promoted to President in 2012, ACURE continued rapid expansion and won prestigious beauty awards like Allure’s Best of Beauty in both 2015 and 2016.


Now back in my home state of Texas, I have combined my diverse experience, passion for natural, targeted treatment, and love of nurturing individual connections with clients, into EcoBlend Therapies. My mission is to blend conscious connection to the body and planet into everyday living through education, healing touch and customized, natural treatments. In a society that is overstimulated, increasingly disconnected, and held to impossible standards, reconnecting to your own body is the key to revitalize and optimize your best self. When you feel good, you create good in the world. When you treat yourself with respect, so grows your capacity to respect the world around you. I aim to help however I can.


EcoBlend Therapies specializes in customized, high-performance, natural skin treatments and gentle hair removal. In a society constantly telling us we are not good enough, I help you optimize the skin and body you have, naturally. No injections. No traumatic treatments. Utilizing cold-pressed formulas, high concentrations of antioxidants, plant lipids and extracts, sea vegetables, essential oils and crucial vitamins and minerals, you receive a transformative result with cutting-edge and effective natural technology.

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