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A Messy Miracle Haircraft by Emily Kennedy

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Hello! I'm so glad you found your way here! Being a stylist brings me joy, fulfillment and personal connections unlike any other career. I value each of my clients and the mutually supportive nature of the client/stylist relationship above all else. I am honored that my guests share their lives with me. The stories of their joys, sorrows, children, pets, vacations and life plans. When a client sits a spell in my chair, they can relax and rest easy in an honest, private, efficient and judgement free environment. I love to visit, I'm a great listener and I've even got some stories of my own to share during your time with me.

I thrive on the creativity and schedule flexibility this craft provides for me. Some of my favorite things about it are the ever changing trends, products & techniques, the freedom to gently bend all the rules, and most of all, the energy shift of my client when they see how beautiful they are and how powerful they feel at the end of our session. 

Let's come up with a vision for you and make it happen! You can schedule a free consultation or just Go For It and book an appointment for some pampering. 

This is it. Just call or email me and let's get connected!

With all my love,


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