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When I was 2 years old, I started my hairdressing career by cutting my younger brothers hair and putting it under my parents bed! Let's just say my skills needed to improve! My parents family friend, who was a hairdresser started cutting my hair till I was about 16. I would help her sweep up hair on the floor and as a "tip" she would give me chiclets gum out of her candy machine! When I turned 16, her and my mother kept telling me that men and women trust hairdressers with the most important part of their body which is their hair! That saying never left my mind and in 2008, I researched and decided to attend Paul Mitchell The School Orlando. I graduated 9 months later and began my career and have never looked back. In January, I decided to open my own salon suite and it has changed my life! I am passionate about color and haircuts for men and women are my bread and butter! I try to make every man and women feel the best they have ever felt about themselves from the time they come in my door, to the time they leave! Everyone is beautiful, it's my job to make you feel that every time you look in the mirror!

United States

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