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Hi there!

I’m Erika, the owner of Reverie Beauty Co. The “co” stands for “collective,” because this business is made up of me, you, my clients, and the lash artists I train. The services I offer are really a collection of my passions, and I’m truly honored to work with you, in whatever capacity fits.


/ˈrev(ə)rē/ noun

1. a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

The word reverie means so much to me. I love what it evokes, and how it makes you feel. Beauty is ethereal, transformative, and in its purest form, natural. It makes us wonder. My vision for this business for clients, is to uplift your natural beauty, and invoke confidence. When you come to see me, my goal is to have you feeling relaxed and like you’ve hit pause for the day.

For my students, not only am I over the moon about teaching you what I know, but I want your daydreams to become your reality. YOU can do it, sis. I’m here to help.

As of 2020, I’ve been doing lashes for 5 years, and have been in the beauty industry for about 12 years. I started as a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics, which made me realize my passion for skin, which led me to getting my Esthetician license in 2014. Lashes - at first - were something I thought would be a great add-on to my list of Esthetician services. Little did I know it would take over everything and turn into a love affair. I’ve since worked for a top 200 salon, worked with celebrities, taught classes at beauty conventions, trained other lash artists, and started a podcast.

In February 2020, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, and I’m currently traveling between the two, taking care of my incredible clients.


Thank you Erika for years of top-notch customer service and expertise in lashes. Your work ethic and the end result never cease to amaze me. Your station is always clean, your bedside manner spot are perfectly professional while kind and pay such attention to detail. I love my lashes!

Annette O.

I’ve been getting my lashes done for over a year with Erika and she is truly amazing! She is professional, has a great eye for aesthetics, and is very skilled at creating full natural looking lashes. My lashes look STUNNING each and every time I see her. I absolutely love her work! I would highly recommend Erika to anyone looking for the very BEST. Nashville - you’re lucky to have her.

Patricia O.

Erika was amazing… Knowledgable, sweet, and best of all my eyelashes look amazing. Ladies let me tell you do not hesitate.. If you want amazing, natural looking eyelashes book your appointment today. Let me add, I have had eyelash extensions before and they felt un-natural and heavy.. These eyelashes feel just as light and normal as my regular lashes. Thank you, Erika.. I really do like batting my eyelashes at my husband!

Adlee W.

Erika is the best at lash extensions. She is wonderful to talk to, listens to exactly what look you're looking for & delivers perfection. She makes sure to explain everything she's doing as well. I'm very happy with my results.

Shirin P.

Erika is one of a kind! Her work is top notch. She’s professional and super knowledgable about her craft. She’s meticulous, takes her time, and always does an amazing job. I get tons of compliments about my lashes when she does them. She always provides quality work and I trust that when I see her for my lashes, they’ll always come out great.

Jessica R.

I have been seeing Erika for for almost 2 years now. I get my lashes done every 3 weeks and it has been a game changer for me. I rarely wear makeup now because I just don't feel I need it as much. I am blonde and I always have had nice lashes, but they are very light in color and I always had to curl them and wear mascara. This is my take on eyelash extensions. Yes you do have to sit there a long time to get them done, but I would much rather have them take longer to get them done correctly than have a rushed job that will pull out your lashes and not last as long. I look at it this way. The amount of time that I save by not having to curl my lashes, put mascara on, take my makeup off etc far outweighs the time spent to get my lashes done every 3 weeks. Also, the fact that I am not rubbing the delicate skin around my eyes everyday to take off my makeup is a big plus for me. Erika has been incredible. She is sweet as can be and very personable and professional. I do have an allergy with the lashes and have to apply medication to my eyes, but the allergy has actually improved greatly to the point that I only have to put the medication on once right after the lashes are applied. If you are looking to get quality lashes done, I highly recommend Erika. I would personally not go anywhere else. If you are looking for cheap lashes, this is not the place for you. It is not cheap, but well worth the quality craftsmanship you will get with your beautiful lashes. Let me warn you though, they are addictive. Say goodbye to raccoon eyes while you're swimming or in the morning when you forget to take your makeup off. Say hello to beautiful lashes all day, every day!

Charmain S.

Erika gave me beautiful full lashes. Her work is precise and lovely. She has a very gentle touch, is professional and very sweet.

Dianne J.

United States

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