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A seasoned professional, Felicia has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Felicia first fell in love with the art of nail design because it allows her to showcase her creativity while instilling a sense confidence, sophistication, and joy in her customers. Striving to expand her expertise, skills, and services, Felicia is also an accomplished lash artist and her work has been featured in Lash Inc. Magazine and Expert Lashers.

Felicia has continued to hone her knowledge of lashing by researching and implementing the latest techniques and she is now a trainer for Glad Lash, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of lash extension products. From your initial appointment to the intricacies of after-care, Felicia is eager to encourage you through each step of lash extension process as you revitalize your look.

Admired by her peers and adored by her guests, Felicia is a natural-born-stylist who is eager to help you achieve your desired look. Her customers are guaranteed to leave her salon not only with gorgeous lashes or nails, but also a sense

Why choose just Felicia

You’re unique, so your lash experience should be too. Committed to cultivating the health and beauty of each of her customers’ lashes, Felicia always walks first-time clients through a thorough consultation to determine which style/service is best for your eye and facial shape. Felicia will also measure your lashes and the diameter of your lashes so that your new look will feel full and comfortable without looking or feeling heavy. Plus, Felicia continues to invest time in training courses focused on the sensitivity of the eye as well as cutting-edge techniques, so you will be definitely be in capable and caring hands. From beginning to end, the Just Felicia lash experience is tailored to fit your individual needs so that your lashes look and feel their very best.


Felicia is one of the best lash artists I have ever seen. She is so professional, easy to work with, and very kind. Not only does she do a great job with lashes but she is great with brow waxing and nails. I would and do recommend her to everyone interested in lash extensions

Libby Schwalbach

Felicia is by far the best in her field and has never left me disappointed with my lashes! What I love best about her is her knowledge about the integrity of my lashes and she continues to learn and grow in her career. Her suite is the most relaxing set up for lashes as I sleep better there that at home! I can't rave more about this woman!

Cory Jane Talaska

I never thought I would consider a set of lashes until I was faced with hormonal changes that left me with sparse lashes. Felicia came to my rescue, she has extensive experience and knowledge in the art of choosing the best set of lashes for each individual. Over the past year Felicia has worked with me to achieve the most beautiful, natural, and unique set of lashes for me. My lashes are easy to care for, and withstand my water aerobics and hot flashes! I am so grateful I found her, the time I spend with Felicia is relaxing, and special. If you are on the fence about getting a set for yourself, trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed, call Felicia today!

Victoria Stockton

Absolutely love Felicia!! I’ve been going to her for almost 3 years now, she always does beautiful work. She really cares about what’s best for her clients, the atmosphere is relaxing, and she’s always up to date on the best eyelash care and techniques. Highly recommend!

Deneen Thorsen

Not just your typical Lash Girl!! I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia almost 3 years ago at a previous salon. The brow coordinator had squeezed me in her schedule, due to my other girl being out ill... normally you walk away, dissatisfied and wanting your normal lash girl... but Felicia was a completely different story. Felicia started our appointment off by educating me on the importance of using the right type and size of lash extension as well the amount of glue, as to keep proper health and integrity of my own lashes. She guided me to the correct shape (what they call "mapping") for my eye to bring out my best features and frame my face correctly. It was the most informative appointment I had ever experienced. What I realized was that this wasn't just her "job"... this was her passion. Soon after that appointment, Felicia branched off onto her own to work independently. I loved my lashes and recognized a huge difference in the feel and look. I searched for hours to find her without knowing where she went or even her last name, luckily enough people raved about her work publicly... I found her! 3 years later, I have had the pleasure of being her "Guinea Pig" for the countless new mapping ideas and techniques she learns through her continuous learning, training and practicing. Felicia does not sit still in this business, she is always researching new and better techniques or products... making sure that she knows every ingredient and how it affects her clients. She asks you questions about your health history and medication, to know if the glue will have any adverse side affects (example: taking biotin reduces your lash retention, or some people can be mildly allergic to the glue). Yes, this is the stuff we talk about! It's crazy... this stuff matters! What's great... it matters to her! I would say that it is a weekly, sometimes more... occurrence for me to get compliments on my lashes, many of my friends and acquaintances receive the same, now that they see Felicia as well. Clearly, I can't say enough great things for her as a professional, she's simply amazing. My Lash Style... Felicia most always does a "Russian Volume" set on me to create a "fluffy" soft feel. She has also done a "Mega Volume" set which is great for events. The typical "Classic" set is always beautiful... or a hybrid of "Classic" and "Volume". At this moment, Felicia tried a new mapping on me with "Volume" and some added longer "Classics" mixed in to give me a whispy look... pretty sure its a favorite for everyday! Thanks Felicia!! xo

Annie Van Den Heuvel

I have been a client of Felicia's for about three years. She create's the most amazing lash fans. Her salon suite at Sola Salons on Capitol Dr in Brookfield is very relaxing

Tracey Schuetz

This woman is a lash and nail Goddess! I've never seen lashes look so natural! Seriously impressive and an absolute perfectionist! Book when you can because she is busy making a lot of people very happy!

Natalie Peters

Felicia is truly a professional in her field. She does an impeccable job of customizing the lashes to her clients need. It is also very apparent that she values each customer she sees and always makes sure that they feel welcome into her spa. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking to enhance the look of their lashes!

Erica Lewis

I love and 100% trust everything Felicia does with my lashes. She not only exceeds my expectations for my lashes, but she takes it above and beyond with accommodating to my busy schedule and answering all of my questions when needed. She makes me feel welcomed, relaxed and does and excellent job. I definitely recommend her whether you are new to lashes, or are a long time veteran.

Addie Sagat

Felicia is THE BEST last artist out there! I have been going to Felicia for over 2 years and recommend her to everyone looking for a super professional artist that delivers superior quality...All the time! If you want thick, sexy lashes..go to Felicia! She Will exceed your expectations and educate you in the meantime! I can't say enough great things about Felicia ....she really cares and has a heart of gold! Thank you Felicia! Hugs!

Kathleen Pistell

United States

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