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Fred Moore

MooreStyle Studio

About Fred Moore
I’m Fred Moore an innovative barber who has a passion for creating art in the form of hair. As an alumni of Paul Mitchell The School Michigan, I have been able to perfect my craft and learn the business side of the hair industry. I have always been creative, as a child I started my own toy company and would sell to local business owners and people in my area. Later on I discovered my passion for hair. Cutting hair for friends and family, later grew into a business. However, I wanted to be more than just a barber, I wanted to create and help others. I credit Wade the Barber as my number 1 inspiration within the industry. After taking his hair unit class I wanted to take the skills that I learned to the next level. That’s how MooreStyle units were born. I’m able to reach people all over the world who are suffering from hair loss. These units are restoring confidence one strand at a time. The fact that I can make people feel better and fulfill my God given purpose is a blessing.
United States

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