Gaylin Roberts


About Gaylin Roberts

Hi, my name is Gaylinyet. Most people call me Gaylin or “G” for short. I have been a Seattle based makeup artist for 12 years. My job is the absolute best. It has taken me to London, Paris, Tokyo, New York and I get to work with the coolest people! In all my years in the industry, my two greatest anthems have always been great skin and great brows.

With Microblading, I can give my clients structure, fullness, and shape that is indistinguishable from their natural brows. Gone are the days of uneven, bad brows. My clients range from needing a full brow makeover to filling in gaps where needed. I am passionate about Brows and am proud to offer a service that I believe in.

When I am not doing makeup and microblading, you can find me enjoying family time with my husband, our two dog children CoCoBears + Maggi, and however many foster we have at the moment.

United States

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