Gloria Soto

Rapunzel's Fetish Atelier

About Gloria Soto
Rapunzel's Fetish Atelier is owned and operated by me, Gloria Soto. It is more than hair ... it's the experience! Rapunzel's Fetish Atelier is a unique private studio inside Sola Salon Studios established to create an intimate experience, in an environment that enhances relaxation and caters to your special hair needs.

I am a certified Master Colorist, Specialist in Hair Locks Extensions and The Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blow out as well as cutting techniques for women and men.

I have worked on celebrities like Alanis Morrissette, Mila Kunis, Kate Burton, Talia Shire and others.

The promise to my clients is consistency while keeping you up to date with the latest trends, of course always keeping who you are in mind.

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United States

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