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Hello gorgeous!

I’m Hannah Marie and I co-own In Love At Lashed. I am a licensed Esthetician and Borboleta certified in classic and volume lash extensions. In Love At Lashed is a Borboleta Beauty Partner Salon, and we only use Borboleta products in our studio because the quality speaks for itself.

My passion is making people feel beautiful. I strive to give everyone their perfect set of lashes based on their facial features and personal preferences. I take my time to give you 100% coverage, making sure you are comfortable during the entire process. So comfortable that majority of my clients nap while I work on them!

I care about your natural lashes as much as I care about the extensions I place on them. I offer classic, volume, and hybrid lashes.

A classic set of lashes is created by placing one extension per every natural lash with 100% coverage using your custom shape and curl.

My volume lash fans are created by hand right before I place them on the natural lash. Volume lashes are 2-10 SUPER fine lash extensions attached at the base and then applied to an isolated natural lash with 100% coverage using your custom shape and curl.

Hybrid lashes are a mix of the two, a set of lashes with both classic and volume extensions.

I also do bottom lashes, removals, colored lashes, and sell the products you need to care for your extensions in my studio.

Book your appointment today, and fall In Love At Lashed!


THE best in Nashville. You are true artist my dear!!!!

Emily Boyd

United States

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