Jasmine Edwards

Touched by JRenea

About Jasmine Edwards

Jasmine specializes in Silk out (Natural hair), Silk out & trim (natural hair), Wash and flat iron (relaxed hair), Wash, flat iron, & trim (Relaxed Hair)

Wash & blow dry,  flat iron, Hydrating Treatment, Kid's braids (natural hair), and Natural hair updo/style.




Jasmine is amazing! She is very personable, does amazing hair and has fantastic hours. You can not ask for more.

Simone Renee , Fayetteville, AR

She was awesome and did a wonderful job on my trim.

Jovita Shonta Sims , Fayetteville, AR

Love her, she's an awesome stylist!

Carmen Thomas-Ivy , Fayetteville, AR

Very professional and detail oriented. I was very happy with my hair and she is a delight ?

Hannah , Fayetteville, AR

Jasmine made my baby's hair look so good. She did an amazing job like always. Thanks!

Tam , Fayetteville, AR

Had a traditional weave put in! Excellent service beautiful salon and gentle touch. I’ve found my to go to place for anything hair.

Hilda , Fayetteville, AR

asmine was AWESOME! She layed my hair down. I've heen searching for a stylist for 3 years and finally found one who could do exactly what I wanted and provide great conversation. Thanks Jasmine.

LaTisha , Fayetteville, AR

She detangled my braids! That is so thoughtful. It was so much easier to wash my hair. Thank you!

Simone , Fayetteville, AR

Best sew in I’ve ever had!

Jennifer , Fayetteville, AR

The best constructed wig ever! I love Jasmine!!!! ??

Kendra , Fayetteville, AR

United States

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