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Jeffrie Ann has over 30 years experience in the beauty industry.  Beginning as a licensed Nail Technician, Jeffrie soon developed a fascination with skin, its beauty and the integral role it plays in our overall physical health, how one feels about their personal appearance and the effect skin has an individual's level of self-esteem. The journey began in San Diego, California, where Jeffrie grew up, continued in Western Connecticut and now she is happily practicing skin care magic in Austin, Texas. This business of beautiful skin is Jeffrie's passion. Developing customized solutions for your personal skin care needs, is indeed, one of the loves of her life. There have been other forays in business relating to other passions. While living in Western Connecticut Jeffrie enjoyed being the owner/operator of her own vintage boutique in Manhattan, NYC, specializing in collections of mid-twentieth century clothing and accessories, as well as select vintage furniture. Having had a lifelong interest in physical fitness and nutrition, Jeffrie eventually evolved into a healthy lifestyle guide with a certification in Pilates Apparatus Training. Now, Jeffrie has returned to her first career love affair, esthetics.

Services Include: Custom Facials, Facial Infusions, RevitaPen Facials, Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation, LED Therapy.


4/22/2014: I received a facial by Jeffrie today and can honestly say my skin was glowing when all was said and done with. It feels hydrated, smooth, and balanced. She has extensive knowledge and lots of experience in this industry, so she knows what she's doing. She gave a hand and arm massage, as well as a neck, shoulder, and chest massage that felt fantastic. The products she uses on your skin are catered to what YOU need, and don't be afraid to ask her what she's puttin' on ya. She'll tell you exactly what it is and what it does. Moral of the story, I didn't want it to be over with and I'm definitely going back! Go see her. :)

Katryna W.

2/19/14: Jeffrie Ann, Would love to exaggerate but I will spare you my extreme satisfaction of the effects of Osmosis on my complexion. When I arrived home I have the nasty tendency to look in the mirror and look at how my face/complexion looks after a long day. Usually the day is written on my face. That being said, I almost wanted to cry today because I see things I had not seen in years. HEALTH!!! My complexion looks healthy. My long term goal was to stop using the cover up make up and to be honest, I have not used it in two days. Today I noticed what I used to see in my 30′s, smooth and stress free skin. I have just started Osmosis….I can’t imagine what the future holds. Sooooo many thanks…..really muchas gracias!!!

Sandra L.

5/26/2013: Welcome to this little oasis! The studio is calm, organized and efficient. Not just a fluff facial here, you will get sound advice on skin care. Although the service is luxurious and relaxing, it is also effective and meaningful for what your skin needs. I had a developing blemish on the side of my nose and, because Jeffrie invested in the high frequency device and used it on my face, that blemish was gone by the next morning! And I couldn't help but notice how smooth my skin felt the next day. I really appreciated that she considered what I told her regarding my budget and skin care concerns and recommended product based on both of those factors. Wow- practical, thoughtful and effective service. And her prices are reasonable enough to keep up a regimen and have you beaming! She definitely allows me to follow my own advice of "spend your money on your face and wear your gift every day!"

Diana A.

7/17/13: I always had “perfect skin” as they say yet the last year I had darker patches flare up. I was recommended to Jeffrie as the treatments I was receiving didn’t make any change. I didn’t know what any of the procedures were much less the products for melasma. All the years of laying out without sunscreen, stress and hormonal changes had altered my skin and discolored it in certain places. Jeffrie has literally given me my hope and self esteem back and I can’t thank her enough! She explains everything and now it makes perfect sense. My skin has never felt better and I smile again. :) Thank you Jeffrie and if you haven’t tried her product line I HIGHLY recommend it! One more note for the road… WEAR SUNSCREEN WITH ZINC matter what age! It will come back to get you when you least expect it. Blessed to have met Jeffrie..she’s giving me my skin back!!!! :)

Carrie W.

5/1/2013: I have an appointment with Jeffrie on Saturday and I cannot wait! I used to work with her and always got compliments on my skin (even without makeup) and am sooo glad she has her own studio now. Make an appointment with her as soon as you can...her holistic approach to skin care is wonderful and her knowledge and genuine concern for your skin and welfare is second to none. Never mind the fact that she is a gem and is so sweet. :) Make an appointment, you (and your dewy skin) will be so happy you did!

Mary-Selena M.

7/11/2013 Updated Review: As a former "facial-phobe," I'm not eager to lie still and let someone put stuff on my face. But Jeffrie is so good at what she does and makes the experience so relaxing and pampering that I never had an opportunity to freak out. I enjoyed the product line she uses and the salon is calming, beautifully decorated and very clean. Thanks, Jeffrie, for making me a convert!


6/26/2013 Previous Review: I have received skincare products and have had many consultations with Jeffrie over the past two years or more and would like to say that I have always felt like I have been given competent and caring suggestions as well as treated very respectfully. A lot of salons seem to be trying to sell something to their clientele; Jeffrie manages to show you why she believes in her product line and then a magical thing happens: you believe in HER, because you know that she is going to do everything possible to help you find the right products and applications for you. Ethical, compassionate and competent, that's Jeffrie.


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