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About Jeremy Loveall

My name is Jeremy Loveall, and I see things a bit differently. I zig-zag through the straight, color outside of lines, and see blank pages as a million different masterpieces. I grew up an artist in everyway utilizing every medium, finally realizing that hair cutting and coloring are my truest callings. I constantly find myself inspired by every little thing and concentrate it into designing, formulating, and creating beauty. The creativity allotted to me through my Paul Mitchell education has shaped my technical skills while the consciousness and preeminent culture of AG has enabled my passion to help others while utilizing the naturally best products in the industry. Through my passion and unique point of view I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I look forward to collaborating and designing a unique and perfect style that suits any lifestyle and personality while flaunting my specific and distinctive design choices. I am always available for a color, cut, or style consultation and would love to talk to you about your dream hair.

United States

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