Jessica Osborne

Vital De Vie


Let me introduce you to an amazing person, artist and personal stylist Jessica Osborne. Jess is one of those people who loves her work and clients. Their happiness is ultimately her final goal. It's taken me years to find a stylist who not only listens to what I want, but takes the time to help me figure out what is best for me, my lifestyle and my overall happiness. I have never been disappointed as she will take whatever time is necessary to get you what you want. I was actually hesitant to write this glowing review of her work because I want to keep her all to myself. Thanks Jess for all the beauty, love, and happiness you bestow upon me. You are the best!

Debbie Jurincie

I am writing on behalf of Jessica Osborne regarding her position as a stylist at Sola Salons in Avondale. Jessica has been my hairstylist for well over 9 years now. During that time, I have gotten to know Jessica quite well and can thoroughly vouch for her character and abilities. Jessica will know what I want or need any hair style or color before I even ask for it. I am always happy once she has completed my color and style and wish that I could carry her in my back pocket so I could have her style my hair all the time! I have never gone to another stylist since finding Jessica. She will always make the appointment work around my schedule and is so flexible and happy to accommodate me. Jessica is also willing to work on areas she feel she could improve upon. She continues to stay current on the latest styles by attending conferences and classes. She is knowledgeable and haircare products and will know when my hair is distressed and exactly what to do and which product will work best. I trust her knowledge and wisdom and always take the advice that she gives. With her kind gentle spirit and her extreme knowledge of hair care, Jessica will bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to your salon! I for one know that wherever she is I will follow!

Tammie Stockey

Jessica Osborne has been my hair stylist for almost ten years now! I started going to Jessica for hair cuts and color. Over the years, she has given me creative advice for highlights, lowlights, and new styles. She is honest, caring, and talented. Jessica is the best!!!!

Tracy Walker

Sola Salon met my every expectation; it has the finest accommodations. A very finished and professional atmosphere throughout. Aside from being a stellar hairstylist, Jessica Is the most wonderful host; from the time I walk through the door until the time I leave my appointment, Jessica always exceeds my expectations and makes me feel amazing!!!

Diane Ackerman

United States

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