Karen Sopprani

Dermal Esthetics

About Karen Sopprani

Karen is a licensed Esthetician with several years of practice in her field. Karen’s knowledge, understanding and practice in the field of Endermologie and as well as her background in the medical field gives her a better perspective in skincare and its treatment.

Karen’s training and hands on experience allows her to provide Non-invasive cosmetic and rejuvenating treatments which transform lifeless, dull and dehydrated skin into what should be radiant and youthful looking skin.

Skin care is a PASSION, and Karen treats each skin care treatment with passion as she finds amazing joy in helping her clients find the right solution to their skin concerns.

Skin CONFIDENCE is key, and Karen strives in bringing out each client’s self confidence through the treatment of their skin.

DERMAL ESTHETICS - A Touch of Glow by Karen


United States

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