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“I have always had a love for art which began when I was a small child. My first art piece was creating a mural on my Aunt’s wall with permanent marker. I was 2 years old. I ran with it from there always finding a way to integrate art into what I was doing. Upon realizing it was a strength, I began to hone my skills and learned everything I could throughout my school years, eventually landing in an Advanced Placement Art class, which you had to be asked to be a part of. By college, I began to wonder how I could make a living being an artist. A few years in, I was directed towards Cosmetology school and I thrived in it, even landing on the Dean’s honors list with a high GPA. I finally knew what I was meant to do. After graduation I started professionally and further enhanced my skills, adding sewing and painting projects on the side between my busy days. Finally after 19 years of working for someone I found it was time to work for myself. Through the support of my husband, family, cats and friends my dream of becoming a fully independent hairstylist is now at hand. I look forward to seeing all of my valued clients at my new home away from home to continue to give you the service you deserve.” — Karin Riden


I had so much fun visiting this salon. Karin is a perfectionist when it comes to color and the salon mimics her perfectionism. It's comfy, hip and has a great vibe with the happy sun shining through. Love LOVE love this place and Karin!

Lisa Ely

United States

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