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My name is Kay. I have been in the industry for 22 years and have earned the title Master Stylist with a specialization in natural and healthy hair. I started doing hair right out of high school but it has been a life-long passion of mine. My Dad was a barber for 32 years and I was so incredibly proud of him. I grew up watching him and the relationships he developed with his clients. Seeing the impact he could have on a client’s life from behind the chair helped inspire me to take on a career in this industry.

My whole life, everyone thought I would become a minister. I loved being with people and providing a support system for them, but I told God -  I don’t want to be behind a podium. I wanted to reach people in a different light. This lead me to the path I have chosen today; to be in front of people, encourage them, provide support, and bring life into their situation in a way that I am passionate about.

The passion in REAL in my career. I truly believe in building a relationship with every single guest that walks into my studio. What drives me isn’t the money, it’s the smile on the face of a happy client so I strive to give my best to every client. That means thinking outside the box and knowing each individual’s needs. I want to be a part of their hair health in and out of the salon with homecare education and instructions. Building real relationships is what allows me to provide this level of service.

I am so proud to have the loyalty and connection with my clientele that my Dad had. God has shown me that this is the right path for me. I have found my place. I am so very grateful for all that my career has given me.


Early last year, my daughter and I both experienced hair loss for completely different health reasons. While my beautiful toddler girl continued to enjoy life and laugh and play with her friends, I cried on my knees days and nights without solutions. We were fortunate that our doctors cured our health issues, which stopped the balding. I was too mentally drained to think about next steps, and am grateful for the nice stylists who helped us to maintain while I pretended not to think about our issues. This year, I got my second wind. I did not want to maintain our bald heads, I wanted the hair to thrive! I did not know how to make it happen. Then, Cassandra Maxine Brown mentioned By Definition. I immediately called Kay Bankey pleading for an appointment, and then I withdrew my request out of fear of another failure. I prayed for another week, then called her again and kept the appointment. How good is our GOD! Can he do it! Kay Bankey is the solution I have searched for all these months. She listens. She is kind and funny. She answers questions. She shares her knowledge. She does not judge. She is discreet. She does not rush, it is a process not a sprint. She is generous from the heart, especially with kids. I am her biggest fan right now. My toddler girl looks beautiful, is healthy from the inside out and still happy all the time. I am happy these days too, sleeping better at night without worrying about our past hair crises. I've told everyone about my journey and happy hair ending thanks to Kay Bankey. I can never thank her enough for providing our healthy, natural hair regimens.

Winnie Patterson

There is just not enough space to explain what a wonderful hairdresser Kay is. I have natural hair and her silk blowout is one of legends. I workout, run, and don't always sleep with a cap on and my blowouts last for at least a month. I also don't have swelling problems with humidity. Kay also really cares about the hair. She won't just do anything to it to make a buck. She truly treats her work as a craft and helps condition and grow the hair. She has even given product to take home to make sure my hair got what it needed. We have alll had bad experiences with a trim. Not with Kay. She took the time to only clip off what was needed and talked to me as she was doing it. I highly highly recommend her. She is professional and has a special gift.

Elesha Smith

Ms. Kay works wonders on hair! Shes an amazing hair stylist and she will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your hair. If you need a hairstylist who is great at what they do, then MS. KAY IS THE ANSWER. 5 stars for sure.

Nautica Hughes

Kay is a wonderful stylist. Not only does she treat your hair but she teaches you how to take good care of your hair! She's very informative and and you can tell that she loves what she is doing!

Dominique White

Kay has been treating and caring for my hair since July of 2015. My hair had began to thin out, break off, and fall out. Because my hair was stressed, when I went to Kay for the first time, my plan was to have my hair cut into a short haircut. However, when I mentioned to Kay that I didn't like short hair, she immediately informed me that if I wanted it long that it was going to be long. She did not cut my hair. Her plan for my hair treatment and care began with a very thorough wash, a Sebastian deep conditioning treatment and my ends being clipped. She also stated that a relaxer would not be put into my hair again until my hair became stronger, and that she wanted to see me back for treatments every two weeks. My hair started to grow back, and is now strong and healthy. Because no client's hair is the same, Kay addresses specific individual needs, and wants of the clients, based on the texture and condition of the individual's hair, then treats, cares for, and make home-care recommendations accordingly. Kay has continued to provide quality service and care at a very reasonable price. She has not waivered in her commitment to excellence in her profession, and operates in a very welcoming salon atmosphere

B Cole Simpson

My first time visiting today. I was not disappointed. I went in there feeling unsure and insecure about my hair and left feeling so confident! Thank you so much Kay, she will NOT disappointed and will make sure you leave satisfied. I will definitely be back for more appointments. I finally found someone who genuinely has a passion for what she does and wants the best for her clients !

Zahria Brown

Kay is an awesome professional! From the initial consultation, I could tell she is honest, genuine, knowledgable, and passionate about bringing my hair back to life after I had not taken good care of it for a long time. When I had the actual appointment, she talked me through everything she was doing and why she was doing it. She also showed me what I should be doing in between appointments to take care of my hair. She was great all around - even going as far to confirm the appointment beforehand. I am so excited to start my journey to revive my hair health with such a personable professional! Thanks for EVERYTHING Kay!

Janika Wilson

Kay is awesome!!! My girls and I have been coming to her for almost 2years and we love her. She makes sure her clients does not leave unless they are 100% satisfied. She will anoint your hair with blessing hands and a warming heart. God willing she will be in our lives for a life time!

Yolanda Jones Kennedy

I am currently trying to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair and didn't know where to start. I went to another salon that advertised themselves as "natural" and was greatly disappointed and frustrated (almost ready to give up). When I got to Kay she took great care of my hair and went out of her way to educate me on the process of transitioning. She's working with me to have healthy hair which is my goal and I so appreciate her honesty and integrity in helping me reach this goal! If you want a knowledgeable and great stylist please visit Kay soon!

Safiyyah Wright Swinton

I love Kay's professional and kind nature. Her hair salon has a very positive vibe, not to mention she can get down on some doing hair. I love the fact that it's not about just making a dollar but she really cares about the condition of your hair. She's good with all ages. My 13 year old granddaughter hates going to the hairdresser but she loved her hair. She went home raving to her mom how nice Ms. Kay was. I highly recommend giving Kay a try. You won't regret it.

Cynthia McNeil

United States

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