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Kiara is constantly reinventing her 13 year career by experimenting with different techniques on a daily basis, as to never settle for "normal" or "so so" but instead pushing herself for "extravagant" "out of the box" and "unique." Whether she is inside the salon, on a photo shoot, styling a bride, or competing in a hair show, Kiara seeks every opportunity to better herself and her craft. Her combination of natural ability, drive and motivation have allowed Kiara to pursue an on-going career that continues to grow and evolve. Kiara is currently the Contributing Editor at Your Beauty Industry Magazine and is a freelance writer for Estetica USA Magazine. When observing her work, you will see texture, movement and emotion and feel compelled to use your imagination and interpret her masterpiece as you see it. Roughly a year ago, she started a healthy food blog that consists of tips, trick and recipes on how to feel amazing. Good, healthy, clean eating with a dash of positive reinforcement keep this healthy beauty blogger on track and focused on a health lifestyle. Kiara now has become the mentor and teacher, and continues to share her passion for the hair industry with other inspiring artists and stylists.


I have been getting my hair done by Kiara for two years now. I change my hair often, so it's important to have a hairstylist that has patience and honesty. If I ask her to do my hair a certain color and she knows it's not going to look good on me, she'll be honest BUT make another suggestion. I've never left the salon chair unhappy with her doing my hair. From red, to brown, to blonde, and long hair to a bob cut. I love all of my hair styles by Kiara. Kiara has also done my hair/makeup for a wedding I attended and I received nothing but great compliments. Additionally, I was IN a wedding where she did hair/makeup for the Bride and hair for the bridesmaids. All of the wedding guests were complimenting us all evening. Kiara is fantastic at what she does. She's outgoing, friendly, attentive, professional and beyond talented at what she does. I recommend her to everyone and anyone I know looking for a hairstylist.

Kiara has been doing my hair for YEARS! She always makes me feel beautiful and I always walk out of her salon looking FABULOUS! She is extremely accommodating and always works with me to get me into an appointment if needed last minute. EXCELLENT stylist, would recommend to anyone!!

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