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Linda was always into fashion and beauty. Since she was in high school, never went longer than 2 weeks with the same nail polish color, nor 2 months with the same hair color. Linda grew up in the greater Los Angeles area, but ended up in Valencia and graduated Valencia High School. She ended up leaving to San Diego to study criminal psychology, but changed her major to go to FIDM for fashion merchandising. Even so, living life the way it goes, somehow ended up finding her true passion in beauty. 


Linda finds passion in making people realize that it isn't always about the physical beauty of an individual. However she also learned the hard way through life and motherhood, that for some, it takes change on the outside for them to realize who they really are on the inside. Linda decided to help people enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence. She loves seeing people brighten up and radiate good vibes through this process. Linda specializes in enhancing your natural features to make everyone want to look in the mirror to find true beauty. 


"First time getting eyelash extensions and I gotta say it was a wonderful experience with Linda! She is awesome! I have sensitive eyes and was hesitant in the past to do lash extensions. Linda did a great job! My eyes have not reacted in any way! I'm really happy with the results."

Mila J. , Valencia, CA

"Linda is one of a kind super talented artist! I had this patchy spot around my hairline that almost just makes me look like I was going bald on one side. I always had that spot since I was a child. I booked for scalp micropigmentation which I've been hearing about and omg her work looks SO REAL. It looks like I have hair on that patchy spot which no longer exists. My main concern was that it'll look fake and it looks incredibly natural and my face even looks more contoured. Both my parents have this same issue and they were so impressed by the results including my coworkers they'll definitely be going to Linda! Linda has such a kind gentle soul and she's super detail oriented. She took her time and explained from start to finish, I was beyond comfortable. I highly recommend Linda!"

Christine S. , Valencia, CA

"I had my brows tattooed 5 years ago somewhere else and it hurt a lot so I was scared. Linda made sure I was numb and not in pain during the whole time. My brows very thin and I wanted a little thicker but not too much.. made eyebrows the perfect thickness. People said it looks just right on me! I was so comfortable (and numb) that I slept a bit."

Eunhyung C. , Valencia, CA

"I did lash lift a few days ago.. they came out amazing. If you need a break from the extensions or want to switch it up to a more natural look, I highly recommend the lash lift. Linda is such a sweetheart and she can do a bunch of beauty services for the holidays. Thanks Linda!!!"

Jo W. , Valencia, CA

"Asked Linda if she can do permanent makeup micropigmentation on my skin in the form of a small tat. She was very honest about what she can and cannot do. I was nervous and worried it will hurt. Once we decided, the rest of the procedure she made sure was painless. Overall, I am very happy with the way my tat turned out."

Paul G. , Valencia, CA

"I love my lashes! Linda is very kind and does a great job! My lashes feel natural and look beautiful. I have received so many compliments! I would recommend her to anyone!"

Chanell T. , Valencia, CA

"I got my lashes permed by Linda and she was amazing. She made the entire experience enjoyable and my lashes look GREAT! I will definitely be coming back in the future."

Emily E. , Valencia, CA

"I wasn't sure of getting my eyebrows done because I'm a guy. I mean do guys get things done? My wife kinda forced me to do it.. my MONA LISA eyebrows became manly yet not too visibly fake. I'm not good with pain but it didn't hurt at all!"

Jung H. , Valencia, CA

"I got my brows microbladed by Linda. Did not hurt at all, I fell asleep here and there! She gave me fuller brows that don't look done and it's so natural."

Julie K. , Valencia, CA

United States

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