Melanie Renter

Bladerunner Brows


I have been a longtime friend and coworker of Lanies, and when she decided to become a microblading brow artist, I knew I HAD to be her client. She is a meticulous artist, patiently plans her work out, and takes it very seriously. I appreciate how much time she took explaining to me the procedure, what to expect, and maintenance breakdown. It's nerve racking trying to find a brow artist that is going to TATTOO your face, and I never felt worried because I knew her work ethic and talent!

Geraldine Cobb

I am extremely grateful to finally have eyebrows! They are so beautiful and very realistic looking! Lanie is a true artist and created something so wonderful out of nothing. Having eyebrows has transformed my face. I don't even need to wear any eye makeup they make my eyes look so good. I have recommended Lanie to everyone who will listen! Thank you Lanie for making such a difference in my life.

Marianne Browne

United States

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