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Hi Beautiful, 

My name is Melanie Ha. 

I love every moment when I get a chance to beautify myself , I feel BEAUtiful and I feel conFIDENT. (BEAUFIDENT). 

As a woman, who would not love to beautify ourselves, correct?

That's why, I would love to provide all the services that I can do with full of knowledge and experience to everyone. 

It is my happiness and passion to dolled all the ladies up....!!!


I love love love getting my nails done by Melanie! I have never been so comfortable and relaxed with getting my nails done by anyone because from many past experiences, I have been cut or they excessively pull too much skin around my cuticles or just painful and not gentle!!! But Melanie is very careful and gentle, you really see her passion to provide the best quality service and experience you can have, and trust me she will have you wanting to go back to her and ALWAYS have your nails done by her. Before I go into talking about my experience with Melanie doing my nails, I would like to say I am a hair and makeup artist who specifically attend to doing makeup and hair for brides and their bridal parties and I work with my hands all the time fixing their hair and what not and from past experiences from getting my nails done by other shops/nail techs, my nails would not last more than 3 days whether it would be acrylic, gel or basic nail polish manicure because of all the hairspray and products I use and my nails running through their hair!!! Okay now for my experience... I have gone to her a couple times already in the past couple of months. I had gotten acrylic nails done by her with gel nail polish about 3 months ago and I kid you not, my nails stayed on for about a 6 or 7 weeks in great condition, of course they grew out but I loved them until the day I went back in for a fill/trim to file them down. Now for that experience in going in for the fill/trim to file them down, I decided I wanted to change the gel color and she did. This time around I wanted to go all out with some diamonds and designs... Holy cow, I kid you not again!!!- the diamonds and nails stayed on for another month!! I love the time she takes to make sure my nails will stay at the best quality!!! She did me a favor this time around to help my nails grow so that the 3rd time I came to her my nails would be fully grown and I would be able to take the acrylic nails out and just do gel, yet have the long natural length that I would usually get for acrylic. She exceeded in making my experience beyond wonderful, she is literally my go to nail tech. I recommend her to all my friends and family, I'm actually located in West Covina,CA but I drive all the way out to Glendale to get my nails done by her hehe!! But not only do I recommend her to my friends and family, I recommend her to all my brides that I have the pleasure working with because I truly do feel Melanie is the woman to go to to have your nails done for pampering!!!

Monica D. , West Covina, CA

United States

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