Melissa Schwefel

Colloquium of Hair

About Melissa Schwefel

Colloquium of Hair was brought to life by Melisa Schwefel after years of working in the industry she had a strong desire to incorporate beauty and client experience to the forefront of a beauty salon. Colloquium of Hair's mission will continue to focus on the client, delivering superb client experience. Providing overall customer satisfaction and providing attentive service and putting the clients needs as top priority. Melissa focuses on the needs and wants of the client, understanding the importance of a flexible schedule to meet time oriented clients. Melissa strives to continuously excel at making appointments that work around the clients healthy work/life schedule. Melissa has a certification in Barbicide Covid-19 and has been certified in Shear Haven Domestic Violence Melissa is the most rewarded, when she is helping others and making people feel good about themselves. Melissa has crafted the art of beauty and inspires to help you feel as good as you look!