Victoria Zegarelli

nail bar Lounge

About Victoria Zegarelli

•Victoria Zegarelli is nail bar Lounge

•Couture Nail Artist Since 1991

•NAILS Magazines Top 4 World Nail Artist S3

•Full Industry Portfolio available on Linked In

Expect a totally different nail design experience at the nail bar Lounge Sola Studio . With over 700 gel colors and over 200 glitters to choose from, your nails can compliment absolutely anything in your closet. Victoria specializes in Gel application nail services which have been proven to promote natural nail growth while keeping the nail plate healthy and providing extra strength and durability. For the Nail Art lover, Victoria has an extensive Art & Design background, including completing a full course for BOCES Gifted & Talented Program. You Dream it She Draws it!

You can finally expect never ending compliments on your nails and you know You Will Love Them!

United States

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