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I'm a brow artist who specializes in sensitive wax, female brazilians, and male brazilians in addition to full body waxing. I have three years of experience waxing in Louisville's finest high end salons. My career began at European Wax Center where I perfected the sensitive hard wax method on every possible hair type. With a full book and short timing limits, I mastered the art of 15 minute Brazilians and 30 minute leg waxes; I owe my speedy reputation to the wax center for packing on the pressure. I take great pride in my work, my clients' skin, comfort, and safety. I guarantee beautiful and consistent results each and every visit. I look forward to meeting you!


2/27/2017 "I got an eyelash lift with Najla and I loved it. She made me feel very comfortable, explained every step of the process. Najla did a great job! My eyelashes stayed curled for two months, a great feat considering how hard it is to curl my lashes. I am definitely coming back soon!"

Lili V.

10/4/2016 "I had trouble finding a good brow waxing place after moving to Louisville from Chicago 6 months ago. Decided to trust the Yelp reviews and try her out and I'm so glad I did. Najla is extremely friendly, took care of my sensitive skin, and did such a thorough job that I was able to go longer before my next brow wax. The facility is clean and welcoming, and the price is right for the level of quality you get. I highly recommend it!"

Jess W.

2/22/2017 "I came here for my very first Brazilian waxing with Najla and it was so much better than I had anticipated! Najla was very sweet, professional, and quick. It took maybe 20 minutes and barely hurt at all! I already have another appointment booked!"

Lindsay S.

7/26/2016 "I moved to Louisville 2 years and had yet to get a good eyebrow wax. I was so frustrated because nearly every place I went waxed too much, or covered it up with makeup before showing me the botched results. Well I started playing with the idea of getting eyebrow extensions for my upcoming wedding--after visiting Najla, that all changed. She made my eyebrows reach their potential haha. I was so freaking excited to finally have found my go to girl! The price is well worth the time, expertise and care put into each visit. I had strangers come up to me at a party and ask who did my brows, that in itself speaks volumes for the skill! Highly recommended."

Larissa T.

3/17/2017 "I've gone to Najla for a couple months now for my waxing and she's absolutely amazing! A full Brazilian wax from her is so painless and quick! She's so great at what she does! I could also go on about my brows for days. She has made them the best they've ever been and I couldn't be more thankful. I love House of Wax and everything about her salon"

Seaera M.

11/26/2016 "Only than myself I had only let 1 other person touch my brows. The lady moved and I was unable to find anyone I could trust to wax them. I went here and was completely blown away. The customer service was amazing, the environment was relaxing, and I couldn't have asked for a better overall experience. My brows needed serious help and Najla did just that and more. She's amazing! Now I won't go anywhere else or let another person touch my eyebrows! Thank you Najla for being so amazing"

Megan H.

3/02/17 " I've been seeing Najla for my Brazilians for over 6 months now and my skin has never felt or looked more beautiful. I can't express enough how quickly and effortlessly she completes the service, not to mention she's personable, down to Earth, friendly, and incredibly detail oriented. No matter the service you're receiving, Najla will make you feel right at home. House of Wax is certainly a classic, comfortable, clean, beautiful studio. You won't find a better wax specialist, I guarantee it."

Trisha H.

11/15/16 "She made me fall madly in love with my eyebrows, and before she perfected them, I never used to care. I feel like a completely different person, and that feeling alone is so beautiful."

Sarah B.

5/09/17 "Male Brazilians are no easy task, I assume. But Najla's painless waxing method kept me comfortable, relaxed, and feeling at home. The service was quick and easy to say the least, I'll definitely be a returning client."

David P.

1/11/17 "I've never loved my skin more than I do now! I also never thought I'd have a "brow girl", but on top of all of the services she perfects, my brows have been the most life changing. Yes, life changing. You won't believe what this brow sorcerer is capable of doing! My brows were so sparse from YEARS of over tweezing and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Najla carefully mapped my future brows out to show me what we would be growing in, and she explained that this process could possibly take months depending on how my brows would grow in. She had me at my GOAL BROWS in TWO MONTHS. I can't thank her enough, everyone deserves to feel this way about their brows."

Jasmine W.

United States

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