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Pahn Yang

Pahn's Beauty

About Pahn Yang
My name is Pahn, and I’m a professional hair stylist and Makeup artist. I have been in the beauty industry for 6 years now. I graduated cosmetology in 2015. Ever since I can remember, beauty and hair had always been a part of my passion. I remember playing with my moms makeup, doing my hair, and always wanted to make everyone look their best. Little did I know that my passion would become my job. Within this industry, I specialize in weddings (updos and makeup), colors (mainly dark hair), and I love providing haircuts as well. Prior to owning my business, I specialized specifically on hair cuts only, but my passion for hair made me realize that I want to be able to provide all services within the industry. After the pandemic hit, I did take a year long break, but I’m back and I am so excited to embark this journey with Sola Salons!
United States

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