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I was born & raised in Denver, Co, took off on an adventure and lived in So California for many years. I have had the good fortune to work with many great Stylists and makeup artists over the years. I love everything about the Hair & Beauty Industry. I like to know the science behind the products we as consumers are buying; I like to know the whys about everything…when possible. This is what I have to offer you the consumer. I believe there is a Stylist for every individual; one size does not fit all. Some people like to get in & out, no fuss. Others want to feel like they are being pampered, tended to, listened to. This is the category that I fit into. It is my responsibility to help you the consumer, my Guest to get the best service that you are paying for. Proper Consultation is the key to a successful relationship between Stylist & Guest, and it is a relationship. I like to think of it as collaboration. You have an idea, a vision of how you want to look; I have the skill to make it happen as well as the knowledge to help you understand what is possible and what is not possible. As a Professional I can do pretty much anything with most people’s hair but as my Guest can you do the same? This is also my responsibility to see that when you go home you are able to manage your hair in a manner that fits with your lifestyle. I continue to educate myself on the latest styles & techniques, believing knowledge is power. I love learning and being able to bring to my guests the skill level which you deserve, that in fact you are paying for. I offer complimentary consultations so you may see if we are indeed a good fit. So come in and let me Color you Beautiful!

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