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About Rachel Lovejoy

I have been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. As hairdressers we wield the tools and education to help people feel more confident and beautiful, that is why I am so passionate about this industry. As a master stylist and educator I strive to continue my education and grow my passion even more, so that I can continue helping my clients feel beautiful and confident everyday!


Nobody does hair like Rachel Lovejoy. Like some musicians who start off in a band but then go solo, Rachel used to work at Carlton Hair Salon over at Fashion Valley. But now, she has broken out on her own, carving out a space in this building with other independent hair dressers. I have been going to Rachel for over 8-9 years. She has seen me go on many dates, taking me from various shades of blond to brunette and back, with shades of auburn red at times! She is someone you can trust when it comes to color :) And most recently, she did my hair for my wedding! Simple curls & classy! The minute she told me she was breaking out on her own, I told her to let me know. When you are THAT good, the fans will follow :) People always compliment my hair & when they ask, I tell them to go see Rachel! For appointments, she is pretty flexible Sun-Tues, Thurs-Sat from 10am to 6pm, but will work with you if you need a particular time that doesn't fit in that time frame. You can book appts via email at lovejoyourlocks@gmail.com and/or on-line booking at styleseat.com

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